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Brasileirão 2021 reached the end of the first round this week – albeit with some asterisks, due to postponed games. Nothing, however, that disturbs the traditional balance of the Statistical Spy, which features six rankings highlighting several athletes from all teams. Are you used to the terms already? There’s a list of Iron Men, Guardian Angels, Bank Managers… and more! Check it out below!

Who provided assistance or scored when the team was tying or losing by a goal

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Decisive athletes emerge at critical moments in the match: score a goal or assist when the team is trailing by a goal difference or tying. Hulk and Edenilson are flying in the Brasileirão 2021 and share the lead, with ten decisive moves. The Atlético-MG forward has six goals and four assists that helped Galo improve the result at that time of the matches. The defensive midfielder of Internacional, who has been acting as an open midfielder, accumulates seven goals and three decisive passes in the round. The third place belongs to the Uruguayan midfielder Terans, who crowned the good performances for Athletico-PR with the call-up for his selection in the round of the South American qualifiers. The numbers justify the confidence: there were nine decisive plays carried out by Terans, with four balls in the net and five assists.

Who needs less time to score

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The leader of the ranking of who needs less minutes to swing the nets, curiously, had not scored a single goal until last Saturday, when he scored four at once over Fortaleza. We are talking about the Colombian Hugo Rodallega, recently hired by Bahia. With the shower of goals in one game, the 36-year-old has reduced the minutes per goal to just 46 minutes, over the course of his five games played.

Gabigol comes next with a similar habit: he scored six goals, divided into two hat-tricks (three goals over Bahia and another three over Santos, his former club). He held an average of one ball in the net every 80 minutes. Igor Torres, a forward who usually comes from Fortaleza’s bench, entered the cutting line of our ranking (minimum of three goals). Despite having only played once as a starter, he made the most of the period on the field: three goals in 249 minutes – one every 83 minutes.

Who else blocks opposing submissions

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We arrived at the list that values ​​the good positioning (generally) of defenders when blocking opponent submissions. These are the calls guardian angels of goalkeepers, as they prevent the ball from bringing danger to the goal with provident blocks and cuts. In the first five, we only have defenders. Messiah, from Ceará, pulls the line, with 22 shots blocked in the account in 18 matches – an average of 1.22 per game. Paulão, 35, comes next: the veteran of Cuiabá prevented submissions from taking over the goal 17 times. Sabino, hired by Sport in the current season, also stands out in the important task. Marcelo Benevenuto, in good shape at Fortaleza, and Victor Mendes, debuting as a starter in Serie A with Juventude, end the ranking with 15 blocks each.

Iron Men: a team of players with the most time on the field

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This ranking shows players who have stayed on the field as long as possible to help the teams they represent. Assembled in the 5-4-1 scheme, the team has Matheus Ribeiro as the main highlight. Chapecoense’s side is the iron man in the 1st round of Brasileirão, with more than 31 hours. Gil, Corinthians defender, who was the iron man in the 2020 edition, and Sabino, Sport’s defender, come close behind. The three have played in the 19 rounds so far.

To close the line of defense for the selection of players who played the most, defender Messias, from Ceará, and full-back Tinga, from Fortaleza, appear on the list. In midfield, Yago Pikachu is the midfielder with the longest playing time, with 27 hours and 45 minutes, the same period that Marcão Silva, midfielder of Sport, was in action. Fernando Sobral, from Ceará, and midfielder Gabriel, from Corinthians, complete the sector. Marcos Guilherme, from Santos, was the striker with the highest minutes of the championship, with more than 26 hours of play.

The goalkeeper who was most under the bar was Marcelo Carné, from Juventude, followed by Cássio, from Corinthians, and Maílson, from Sport. Each one of the trio added more than 31 hours on the field and also played in all the matches of the first round. However, the archer of the team from Rio Grande do Sul enters the selection for having more minutes on the field than the competitors.

Players with more time on the field leaving the bench

The reserves that played the most in the 20 teams of Brasileirão — Photo: Espião Estatístico

Would you be able to tell who is the 12th player on your team? He is the first to be called by the coach to leave the bench and try to change the panorama of the match in progress. No one was used as a reserve as the center forward Perotti, from Chapecoense. His three goals in the Brasileirão came out when he took the field as a substitute, having spent 441 minutes on the pitch in the reserve condition used. Marcos Vinicios is the talisman of coach Marquinhos Santos, at Juventude. The striker has not yet scored in the competition, but he is a recurrent weapon for plays at speed, having been called to enter 11 matches, accumulating 358 minutes as a reserve. Bahia has Maycon Douglas as the first option among the substitutes. The striker is the one who most entered the course of games in the current Brasileirão, with 15 participations and a total of 356 minutes on the field only as a substitute.

Bank Managers: A team of players with the most time on the bench

The players who “warm up” the bench in Brasileirão are usually the goalkeepers. And Corinthians reserve, Matheus Donelli, stayed 31 hours as an option to the titleholder Cássio, Timão’s idol, who has played in all matches so far. Other goalkeepers who followed the entire championship on the bench were São Paulo Lucas Perri, Tiago Volpi’s reserve, and Matheus Mendes, from Atlético-MG, Everson’s reserve.

The lineman who stayed the most in the reserve was the young Ivonei, Santos midfielder, with 28 hours and 41 minutes. The Statistical Spy has assembled a 4-5-1 selection of the 1st shift Bank Managers, see:

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