Delayed for the flight, the passenger makes the plane come back after saying that there is a bomb on board

Photo: Ft. Lauderdale Airport

A passenger called the Florida police alleging that there was a bomb inside a flight departing from the international airport of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, on Monday (8). The allegation sparked the entire security apparatus, but an investigation concluded it was all false, reported the Broward Sheriff Office in a press release

The initial warning was given by airline officials, upon hearing from the woman that there was a bomb in her checked baggage, which was on board the plane. Although she was unable to do the check in because she arrived late at the airport, the airline agents didn’t take it easy or tried to unmask her, but quickly called the police.

According to the NBC Miami report, the plane was already taxiing to the runway, but had to return to the gate and all passengers were evacuated for inspection. No explosives were found, authorities said.

The 46-year-old woman was arrested and accused of falsely reporting a bomb aboard the aircraft.

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