Demonstrations on southern federal roads affect truck traffic – News

Demonstrations on federal roads in southern Brazil are punctually blocking truck traffic this Wednesday, according to reports by the PRF (Federal Highway Police) on Twitter.

There is no immediate information from the police on the reasons for the demonstrations, which follow the national protests on 7 September.

According to a police publication on the social network, in Paraná there are interdiction points on the federal highways BR-376, in Paranavaí, and on the BR-376, in Maringá.

“Only cargo vehicles are being detained. Passenger vehicles and perishable cargo are released,” police said.

The PRF of Santa Catarina also cited on Twitter blocks on BRs 116, 282, 280, 470 and 101, only for trucks.

The protests have not affected, so far, the flow of agricultural products such as grains, said Anec (National Association of Cereal Exporters), through the press office.

The port administration of Paranaguá (PR) stated, after being consulted through the press office, that there are no signs of truck drivers hindering the flow of cargo to the port so far.

The IBP (Brazilian Institute of Petroleum and Gas) is monitoring the “one-off blockages” together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the PRF.

However, according to the executive secretary of Dowstream at the IBP, Valéria Lima, there has not been a major problem so far, capable of impacting fuel supply.