Deolane Bezerra or Juju Ferrari who dominates Instagram?

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Deolane Calf as has been said here on Tech News became the stage of attention after the death of then ex-husband Mc Kevin, since then the doctor had no more peace, almost every day we can see some kind of headline involving the name of the blonde, the last time was an intrigue with the influencer and role model Juju Ferrari.

The fight of Juju Ferrari and Deolane Calf can be read in the editorial of Tecno Notícias, it is noteworthy that until yesterday yesterday, Juju Ferrari had disabled its Instagram profile.

Today this Wednesday (08) Tecno Notícias decided to measure the popularity of both Juju Ferrari and Deolane Calf, after all who has the most followers and engagement on Instagram.

Image: Dr. Deolane Bezerra/Juju Ferrari/Instagram
Image: Dr. Deolane Bezerra/Juju Ferrari/Instagram

According to the data we obtained we can see that Dr. Deolane Bezerra has a total of 8.5 million followers, against 4.3 million followers for Juju Ferrari.

Juju Ferrari’s last Instagram post had just over 49,000 likes, check out the post below.

Deolane Bezerra had a total of 1.9 million likes in her last publication, check below.

In the caption of the photo Deolane wrote “Lots of work, running, from above God sees my efforts! 🙏🏻
The one who criticizes the most is the one who copies the most! 😉
Valentina in the car is looking like a ghost hahaha