Dies at 46 years of age Covid-19 ex-pilot who refused to take the vaccine

Denial of the benefit of the vaccine in combating Covid-19, Jorge Lis died of Covid-19 aged 46 on Wednesday (8). The ex-motorcycling driver had been hospitalized for 45 days in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because of the disease.

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Lis became Spanish 125cc runner-up in 1996, and in addition to not taking the vaccine, he said that the pandemic was a lie. To the newspaper “Levante-EMV”, Elena, sister of the ex-pilot, said that Jorge sent a message to her, already in the hospital, acknowledging her mistake.

“I’m scared, Elena. We can no longer stop this. This week was one of the biggest lessons of my life. Spending a lot of time on Twitter, etc., made me radicalize to an extreme level. I wish I had been vaccinated”, wrote the former motorcycling driver.

Jorge’s sister also published a publication in which she warns deniers about the dangers of not taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Anyone who doubts the vaccine should think about their surroundings. Jorge sent this very intimate message because he intended to help others, so that they don’t make the same mistake of not getting vaccinated. I don’t want it to sound like the deniers’ paradigm because it wasn’t. He had his ideas, which were not shared at home. And he paid dearly. He is not the only Valencian denier. I think there are many people who are not vaccinated and it is those I turn to, so that the same doesn’t happen to them, it’s a real hell”, he said, in statements cited by Europa Press.