‘Disappointment’, ‘encrypted message’ and ‘It’s Adnet!’: Bolsonaro’s audio confusion in truck driver groups

Truck drivers blocking the Regis Bitencourt highway, in SP

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Messages from groups of truck drivers reveal split in the category on support for roadblocks

Jair Bolsonaro’s audio calling for an end to road blockades across the country has caused great confusion among groups of truck drivers and supporters of the president on WhatsApp, Telegram and social networks.

Some pocketnaristas participating in the strike said they were “disappointed” and “betrayed”, while many refuse to believe that the voice belongs to Bolsonaro, even after Infrastructure Minister Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas recorded a video confirming the authenticity.

“It’s fake, it’s a lie. It would even come out on TVs and radios,” said a truck driver, in a WhatsApp group dedicated to information about the strike.

A message that circulated a lot in the Pocket Narist groups attributes Bolsonaro’s audio to Marcelo Adnet, a comedian famous for imitating personalities.