Divided focus, veterans down, André’s rise… Fluminense’s balance in the Brazilian’s turn | Rio de Janeiro

Despite the proximity to the G-6, just three points away, Fluminense flirted with the relegation zone and lived with the distrust of a large part of the fans. O ge he took stock of the tricolor’s turn of ups and downs, with its moments and numbers. Check out:

If last year Fluminense was 100% focused on the Brasileirão, due to early eliminations in the Sudamericana and Copa do Brasil, the current team shared the spotlight with Libertadores and Copa do Brasil practically throughout the first round. And he even saved the team in three games, against Bragantino, Sport and Grêmio, when he won only one. After falling in the quarterfinals of the Libertadores to Barcelona de Guayaquil, Ecuador, last month, Tricolor has not lost in Serie A and climbed from 16th to 7th place.

Libertadores was the main focus of the Flu, which reached the quarter-finals — Photo: ge

There was a change of direction at Fluminense during the shift. Roger Machado did not resist the elimination in Libertadores along with the bad results in the Brasileirão and was fired before the 17th round. Marcão resumed the team and changed the way the team plays. The performance still oscillates: he had good performances against Atlético-MG and in the late game with Juventude, but won playing poorly against Bahia and Chapecoense. The invincibility with the coach, however, marks the beginning of the reaction.

Roger couldn’t resist the pressure and gave way to Marcão in the 17th round — Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense FC

Nenê, Fluminense’s standout at last year’s Brazilian Nationals, and Fred, tricolor top scorer at Libertadores, haven’t been able to keep up the pace in the current Serie A. The 37-year-old forward has just two goals in 12 games, while the 40-year-old midfielder has scored just one in 15 games and lost the starting lineup to Marcão. The blending of veteran experience with youth has been the club’s hallmark since 2020, but lately youth are having to “be more independent”.

Fred and Nenê were discreet in the first round of Brasileirão — Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense FC

If last year Calegari, Martinelli and Luiz Henrique were the pleasant surprises of Fluminense at the Brazilian Nationals, in this first round it was André’s turn to mark his position. The only 20-year-old defensive midfielder won the place of first-team title with Roger Machado and kept it with Marcão, coming from great performances alongside Martinelli himself in midfield. And Caio Paulista, who was not revealed at the club, but trained in Xerém, was another to become established in 2021 and had been the team’s main player until the serious injury to his right thigh in the 13th round.

André entered, decided on a Fla-Flu and never left the team — Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Speaking of injuries, it wasn’t just Caio Paulista who embezzled the team at the Brazilian Nationals. In addition to the striker, who lost seven games in total between problems in the left and right thigh, Fluminense also didn’t have Bobadilla in seven commitments, with an injury in the right calf; Samuel Xavier missed four matches with pain in his left thigh; Abel Hernández was absent from three duels due to a problem with his right heel; in addition to Fred, Gabriel Teixeira and Luiz Henrique, who lost one game each of the shift with thigh injuries.

Caio Paulista was one of the players who lost the Flu the most in the turn — Photo: Marcos Riboli / ge

📊 Flu Performance x other teams*

⚽ Goals scored: with 18 goals scored in 19 games, Fluminense has the eighth worst attack in the championship, tied with Corinthians. Lucca is the tricolor top scorer at the Brazilian Nationals with three goals, followed by Fred, Bobadilla and Caio Paulista, all with two each.

Goals conceded ⚽: with 20 goals conceded in 19 games, Fluminense has only the 10th best defense in the championship, tied with São Paulo, Palmeiras and Fortaleza.

👟 Finishes: with 179 submissions, an average of 9.4 per game, Fluminense is the 2nd that finishes the least in the championship, just ahead of Atlético-GO. Among the tricolors, Fred is the one who leads the statistic with 18 submissions, followed by Yago and Caio Paulista, both with 17.

🤝Assistance: with 13 assists in the shift, Fluminense is only the 10th with more assists in the championship. Danilo Barcelos is the biggest waiter with three passes for goal, followed by Egidio and Yago, both with two.

🕐 Ball possession: with an average of 48%, Fluminense was the 5th team with less possession in the turn, just ahead of Ceará and Sport (46%), as well as Juventude (43%) and Chapecoense (42%).

🏏 Disarms: with 443 disarms, Fluminense was the 5th team that disarmed the most in the turn, being only behind Palmeiras, Bragantino, Inter and Chapecoense. Yago is the team’s tackle leader with 54, followed by Martinelli, with 50, and Egidio, with 35.

⚠️ Misconduct: with 274 fouls, Fluminense was the 10th team that committed more fouls in the championship. Fred is the most offender on the team, with 24 infractions, followed by Samuel Xavier, with 22, and Yago, with 21.

🚷 Absences suffered: with 261 faults suffered, Fluminense was also the 10th team that suffered the most faults in the shift. Yago was the opponent’s biggest target, with 25 infractions, followed by Nino, with 21, and Gabriel Teixeira, with 20.

🔴 Cards: with 34 yellows and one red, Fluminense is the 4th team with the fewest cards in the championship, only behind Flamengo (34) and Corinthians and América-MG (29). Nino, Yago and Abel Hernández received the most cards from the referees, four each.

🥅 Penalties: with three penalties, Fluminense was the 5th team that took the most penalties in the round tied with Corinthians, Chapecoense, Atlético-MG and América-MG, and behind Santos, Grêmio and Fortaleza (4) and Inter (6).

*Statistical Spy Numbers.

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