Douglas Souza details case of homophobia on a trip to Italy: ‘It was very embarrassing’ – Sports

Douglas Souza, player of Brazilian volleyball team, gave details about the case of homophobia who lived with her boyfriend, Gabriel. Through videos posted on his Instagram, the new reinforcement of Vibo Valentia, from Italy, explained how the trip, which was supposed to last three hours, lasted 15 hours.

“At passport control, they asked what I would do in Italy, I said I would be a volleyball player and Gabriel was my boyfriend. Soon, his face changed immediately and so did his treatment. He asked what he would do there, I I showed the document of common-law marriage, I said he would accompany me and work,” reported Douglas.

After more than five hours, the player was called by airport agents in Amsterdam for an interview in a ‘small room’. Asked again what he was going to do in Italy, Douglas realized that his boyfriend would not be released easily. “Then they hit Gabriel’s key, and I said he was my boyfriend, and they didn’t understand that term, they insisted on their partner and didn’t want to let him pass at all.”

The situation was only resolved when his manager and Vibo Valentia intervened and obtained authorization for both of them to enter the Netherlands. “It happened, it happened, my club has nothing to do with it. They helped, my manager, too. I hope no one goes through this, I know that unfortunately it will pass and we have to go through it,” he lamented. “I ended up spending 15 hours at the airport, and it was supposed to have been three at the most. I didn’t think it was normal. I know what I went through. It was very embarrassing.”

Before telling the whole case, Douglas used social media on Tuesday to express his displeasure with the treatment he received on European soil. “Today is one of the worst in my life. It was horrible. It’s been horrible. I’m just not really going to tell you what happened today because I’m afraid they’ll take my ticket and deport me,” he said.