Dudu Braga, son of Roberto Carlos, dies of cancer at the age of 52

Music producer Dudu Braga, 52, died this afternoon. The son of singer Roberto Carlos was hospitalized at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, undergoing treatment for cancer of the peritoneum, a membrane that surrounds the abdominal wall. The hospital confirmed the information to the UOL. Roberto Carlos’ office informed that the wake will be closed to the family.

“Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein communicates, with regret, the death of Mr. Roberto Carlos Braga II, at 2:21 pm, due to cancer. The patient underwent a series of treatments for chemotherapy and surgery”, says the hospital’s bulletin, signed by doctors Fernando Maluf and Miguel Cedorolo Neto.

Dudu shared the diagnosis of cancer in September of last year, in a publication on social networks. In addition, he has already undergone two other treatments to treat pancreatic cancer in 2019.

In July of this year, he explained that doctors came to change the chemotherapy after finding that there was neither regression nor progression of the tumor.

Son of Roberto Carlos’ first marriage to Nice Rossi, Dudu lost his sight 29 years ago. He was born with congenital glaucoma and, at age 23, he had a detached retina. Despite having gone through several procedures, he was unable to regain meaning.

In his last Instagram post, he posed with his wife, Valeska Braga, and daughter, Laura. The girl even accompanied her father to the hospital for some admissions. The girl’s name is a tribute to Dudu’s grandmother, Lady Laura, mother of Roberto Carlos.

Blindness at age 23 and music career

Born on December 18, 1968, Roberto Carlos Braga Segundo, Segundinho, better known as Dudu Braga, was the first biological child of Roberto Carlos with Nice Rossi, the first wife of the famous singer. Nice died of cancer in 1990, before his son went blind at age 23.

Dudu Braga was born with congenital glaucoma, but was quickly treated and saw normally until he was 23 years old. He told his story in lectures throughout Brazil and also spoke about his life to Adriane Galisteu in an interview on the program “Face a Face”, in 2016.

“My father and mother went all over the world for me to come to see. We went to the Netherlands for the treatment, I was 15 days old, it was an experimental surgery. I had seven surgeries and I could see normally. Absolutely normal life, even I was 23. I was a surfer, I drove, I graduated,” recalled Dudu.

By training in advertising, Dudu Braga also started working as a musician and music producer. After losing his sight, he started a record company, BRG Music, and started a radio show, “As Canções Que Você Fez Para Me,” which he continued to make until the last days of his life, including at the hospital.

Dudu also started to work in charities, being one of the founders of the NGO Meninos do Morumbi, a collaborator of the Larama Foundation of the Brazilian Association of Assistance to the Visually Impaired and a collaborator of the Dorina Novill Foundation for the blind.

In 2014, he formed the band RC na Veia, which played classics by Roberto Carlos in the rock version. Dudu took over the group’s drums, which he has even recorded with Roberto Carlos himself on the DVD released in 2018.

famous lament

Dudu, you were a warrior, fought this disease bravely to the end. Will be missed. Stay in peace. My feelings to the family and my dear friend Roberto Carlos, cute

May Dudu be able to rest in peace and may our Roberto be able to hold this sadness longer. God bless you greatly. Dudu, let’s always remember your tall astral. eri Johnson

My love, I feel so sorry for you. We did have beautiful moments! We recorded the song ‘When’ together, we smiled… knowing this before a live is being difficult… after all I will sing with this feeling that is breaking my heart. Valeska, I love you and you know it! you are witness of our love. Roberta Miranda

Dudu, I’m here perplexed, heart and soul broken with pain at your departure so early. I have no understanding for this part of our journey, so I’m going to cling to God in prayer and ask for the promise of eternal life where there is no pain, time, difficulties, only light is legitimated with your spirit and you can be now enjoying this holy peace! Amen! Rest in the light of Christ my eternal and beloved friend “Dudas” Tom Cavalcante

Roberto, dear friend! May God give him strength in that moment so painful! Dudu was a warrior and will have a lot of light on this new journey! An affectionate and supportive kiss!, Galvão Bueno