Eder Meneghine changes the bride the day before the wedding | Fabia Oliveira

Vera Loyola, Hugo Oliveira, Eder Meneghine and Isabelita dos PatinsPaul of God/Disclosure

Imagine the scene: you there, watching a beautiful ceremony, and suddenly someone else appears at the altar! No, it’s not a movie synopsis, no. It’s a real story, with an unusual development, in less than twenty-four hours of the so ‘dreamed’ yes.

Amid the preparations to go up to the altar, Eder Meneghine, who works in the party and gastronomy business, realized that the betrothed was not the right person. To support his decision, some personal and financial unforeseen events arose, which only ended with the arrival of the police on the spot.

With exclusivity to the column, Meneghine recalled everything he had experienced: “In addition to asking the ex’s family, who was staying at home, to return to Minas, I needed to think of some solution, since the professionals were adjusting the final details for the celebration”.

Eder picked up the phone and called chef Hugo Oliveira, with whom he lived for over fifteen years and maintains a good relationship. “I asked him to marry me. He cried and said yes,” he recalled. From then on, it was a rush just to buy his costume and resolve other issues.

The whole environment was set up, thousands of presents, 15 waiters to and fro serving salmon to shrimp for the 120 guests, who ranged from filmmaker Neville D’Almeida to socialite Vera Loyola, he took the microphone and announced: “Guys, the The celebration will continue, but I have something to tell you. It will only change the groom. The scene fell silent. But when they saw him come in the front door with the little black pug dog in his hands, they grabbed him. The commotion was general and it was linked to happiness “.

Another high point was the entry of Isabelita dos Patins taking the rings in a large oyster. “A Babette party”, as he insisted on stressing! past the boom, the question that will not remain silent: how do you feel, Eder? “Very well, happy. I just wish him luck and that he (the ex) find someone who has 10% of the qualities I have as a human being,” he concluded.