Evaristo Costa comes up with a new look and the web points indirect after CNN’s resignation | celebrities

Evaristo Costa reproduction

Published 08/09/2021 14:06

Rio – After being fired from CNN Brazil, Evaristo Costa took advantage of the moment of change to renew his look. This Wednesday (8), the journalist surprised his followers by appearing completely without a beard in an Instagram post. In addition to expressing shock at the news, some fans also pointed out a possible indirection for the station in the publication’s caption.

“It was a RELEASE,” began the presenter. After a long space in the post caption, Evaristo added: “Or should I come back with a beard right away? What’s your opinion, please?” Fans and friends praised the change, but there were also those who perceived a double meaning at the beginning of the publication.

“Subliminal message detected,” wrote one netizen. “Only the strong will understand…..yes, it was a deliverance,” joked another follower. “It was a deliverance… Doubly speaking! Fly boy,” commented a third.

After CNN Brasil announced the resignation of Evaristo Costa, the journalist used his social networks to vent about the way he was informed of the end of his contract with the station where he presented the documentary program “CNN Séries Originales”.

“Since the 1st of September I found out that I am no longer part of CNN. Yes I used to work at CNN, but when I came back from vacation, watching the network’s new program call I noticed the lack of my program. I called to find out the reason and I went informed that he had been removed from the grid and that the company had no further interest in my services. It’s the game!!! ‘Your will be done’. When I recover from the incident, I’ll give more details. Free on the track”, declared Costa in Instagram post.

Check out the change in Evaristo’s look: