Explanation of dreams: dreaming of betrayal and its meaning

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The Meaning of Dreams of Tech News, this Wednesday (8), will explain what symbolizes dreaming of cheating on someone. Remembering that this betrayal can be the partner, someone you trust or even your friend.

This is a type of dream that recurs in adult life and that many people are intrigued as to why they dreamed it and it is a warning sign for you to understand the signals given in the dream. We’ll explain soon!

Dreaming of betrayal and its meaning (Image: File Photo)
Dreaming of betrayal and its meaning (Image: File Photo)

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Meaning of dreaming of betrayal

As stated earlier, betrayal can take many forms, and we will explain the meaning of dreams in each of them. Dreaming of the betrayal of the loved one triggers that your expectations have been frustrated. It also implies your insecurity and lack of confidence in your relationship.

Your emotional dependence is also a factor to be taken into account and shows some present feelings such as hurt and sadness. Another thing it can represent is the breach of trust and investing it in someone who has not fulfilled the agreement, if you have already been betrayed.

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If you dreamed that you are cheating on your partner (a), it implies someone who is wanting to harm your life, whether love or professional. Pay attention to your surroundings!

When you dream that a friend is cheating on you, the connotation is different: it is a sign that some surprise is coming in your life, and it can be both good and bad and has nothing to do with the person you dreamed of.

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