Family identifies silhouette of grandfather who died 8 months ago in child’s photo

A photo taken by a child created a mystery within a family in Mexico after relatives identified the silhouette of the family’s patriarch in the image eight months after the elderly man died.

The case gained attention after Tamiris Carvalho shared the story on social media. The Brazilian, married to a second cousin of the boy who took the photo, said that in the house that served as the setting there were only two children, the photographer’s mother and grandmother. In the image, the silhouette of an adult man appears covering one of the ladies. All the relatives recognized the figure as the boy’s grandfather.

“My husband now received a picture of his cousin asking: what do you see? My husband replied: ‘Hey, it looks like our grandfather, right? And the cousin said yes, that her son took this one photo today. But the detail is: the grandfather died in January,” explained Tamiris in a post made yesterday on Twitter, where the story has already gained more than 70 thousand likes.

The woman also explained that the 11-year-old boy used to say that he played with his grandfather even after his death and that the two “were very close”, but the family did not take the reports seriously until the child showed the photography.

“My husband’s cousin was on the left side, but you can’t see her because she was right behind her grandfather’s silhouette, which is right there in the middle of the photo. In the image you can see her mother (right), the niece (the child on the left). There was no one else in the house,” he continued.

Tamiris also reinforced that the boy was the only one to see something different in the house. In the post’s comments, followers were divided between those who believed in the presence of the elderly person’s spirit and those who sought logical explanations for the figure. The woman herself confided that she still doesn’t have an opinion about the “apparition”.

“I’m also not claiming that there is a spirit captured in a photo…I don’t really know. I’ve just replayed one report and, according to the things I believe, I think it’s possible. But to claim that this photo is true? No. No. I can, I wasn’t the one who took it off”, he added.