Felipão is about to make the biggest mistake since he returned to Grêmio

Coach Felipão could make a big mistake in the game against Ceará, scheduled for Sunday (12), at 11 am, at Arena do Grêmio. The coach is thinking about changes to the wings and one of them includes the departure of Vanderson from the starting lineup. The player who has been surveyed by European clubs could lose his spot.

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In the last few days Felipão tested Rafinha on the right and Guilherme Guedes on the left. That’s why the veteran was hired, at the request of Renato Portaluppi. However, until today he has not shown what he came from, while Vanderson is one of the club’s main players in the Brasileirão.

Vanderson has 35 games this season, with three goals scored and one assist. Meanwhile, Rafinha played 24 times and made two passes for goal, without having scored once. The numbers are similar in terms of participations, but in the construction of the game there is a difference.

The guy who gives Grêmio the most offensive strength, has the stamina to go up and down on the right-back. So much so that Rafinha was moved to the other side, where he also did not correspond to the monthly investment of R$ 400 thousand to pay his salary.

Felipão can exchange Vanderson for Rafinha

Tiago Nunes was reluctant to change Rafinha for Vanderson, at the beginning of the 2021 season. However, the Covid-19 in the veteran made the young man assume the title and never leave the team.

He is a player treated as the future of the Brazilian team. In fact, it got out of hand against Flamengo and didn’t do well against Corinthians. But, two bad games cannot erase what he had been doing before and Felipão needs to think about it.

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Images: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA