Find out what is cancer of the peritoneum, which killed the son of Roberto Carlos

In this Thursday’s (9) edition of the Medical Correspondent board, of Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes explained what is cancer of the peritoneum. Music producer and broadcaster Dudu Braga, son of singer Roberto Carlos, died of the disease at the age of 52.

The tumor was discovered last year, and since then, Dudu has gone through a series of hospitalizations for chemotherapy and surgery. He had a history of fighting for his own health, as he was born with glaucoma and, even with treatment, he lost his sight at age 23. The artist had also already conquered two pancreatic cancers.

THE CNN, oncologist Abraham Dornelas said it is common for previous cancers to evolve into a tumor in the peritoneum.

“The primary tumor of the peritoneum is rarer and, when it happens, it is usually treated with surgery followed by chemotherapy. Secondary tumors in the peritoneum, on the other hand, are more common and usually arise from a tumor that was born in another organ (pancreas, stomach and intestine) and spread to the peritoneum”, said the specialist.

Fernando Gomes explained that peritoneum is a membrane that surrounds the internal abdominal organs.

“Because it is a metastasis, a dissemination, it already shows the seriousness of the lesion. We know that when the peritoneum is affected, some symptoms may appear”, he said.

Symptoms include: abdominal pain, nausea, weight loss, and a swollen belly, the doctor listed.

(*With information from Raphael Florêncio, from CNN, in São Paulo)