Fire in overcrowded penitentiary leaves 41 dead


AT MORNING | 08/09/2021 08h 00min


The Tangerang penitentiary was the target of a fire on the Indonesian island of Java, at dawn this Thursday (8th).

The accident resulted in the death of 41 detainees and left another 80 people injured – eight of them are in serious condition.

Information is from the portal G1.

Fadil Imran, chief of police in Jakarta, confirmed the number of victims.

Survivors were referred to hospitals in Tangerang.

Prisoners with minor injuries were assigned to a care clinic.

Yasonna Laoly, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, noted that “the fire spread quickly and there was no time to open some cells.

When the guards found out, the flames had already spread and victims were found.”

Imran pointed out that he checked “the location and based on the initial observation, it appears that (the fire) was due to a short circuit.”

Investigations continue, but the main line of investigation is that of a possible power failure in the prison’s electrical system.

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Source: ReporterMT