Florianópolis gas station increases fuel prices during road blockages | Raphael Faraco

At the end of the night of this Wednesday (8), the Municipal Guard of Florianópolis caught an abusive increase in the price of gasoline amid the concern of drivers, who were queuing in various places, for the fuel shortage. In the video, the owner admits that he increased the value by 27 cents.

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It’s good to remember that, hours before, the SC Procon notified the posts so that prices would not rise, taking into account that the demand for fuel would increase a lot, because of roadblocks caused by truck drivers at various points on the highways in SC.

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In this case, in Florianópolis, the Municipal Guard activated the municipality’s Procon. The director of the organ, Alexandre Luz, said he will take action.

“Tomorrow, the establishment will be notified. In addition to it, others will also be inspected and notified. We are on alert,” he added.

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Unfortunately, complaints from consumers who felt aggrieved by an abusive increase in fuel prices spread to various neighborhoods in the city.

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