Florianópolis gas station is seen carrying out an abusive increase in the price of fuel

Procon da Capital is notifying posts to present information on the amounts charged to the consumer

Amid blockades on federal and state highways in Santa Catarina, a station in Florianópolis was spotted this Wednesday night (8) practicing abusive increase in fuel. According to the complaint, it was an increase of R$0.27.

Posto in Capoeiras, in the Capital, removes the price plate on the facade of the establishment –  Photo: GMF/Disclosure/NDStation in Capoeiras, in the Capital, removes price plate on the facade of the establishment – Photo: GMF/Divulgação/ND

A driver informed the GMF (Municipal Guard of Florianópolis) that the Brasol gas station, in Capoeiras, removed the fuel price sign from the front of the establishment to increase the amount charged.

According to GMF, upon arriving at the site, he caught the practice of increasing the values ​​without prior notice or justification. The information was confirmed by the partner of the establishment, in an approach to the agents.

The Capital Procon was informed about the case and went to the establishment this Thursday morning (9). At around 9:30 am, they left the place, where they made two notifications: one for the absence of the table with the values ​​of fuels and another for the increase in the price charged.

The post was contacted by the reporter at 9:10 am on Thursday and informed that the municipal body was on the spot. In new contact, the manager of the establishment declined to comment on the notifications.

As the director of Procon, Alexandre Farias Luz, the agency is notifying the posts to present information about the amount charged to the consumer. If there is an unjustified increase, the establishment may be fined or even have its license revoked.

“The complaint was BRL 0.27 [nesse posto], but only with the requested data will we be able to verify it”, he highlighted.

The abusive price increase generates a fine and may result in a fine or ban on the establishment.

Watch the conversation between agents and the partner at the station:

Post partner confirms price increase to agents of the Municipal Guard of Florianópolis – Video: GMF/Divulgação/ND

After the truck drivers’ blockades, the gas stations started to receive a great demand from consumers to supply.

Mayor Gean Loureiro (DEM) said that inspections at gas stations have been carried out since this Wednesday night. “Do not confuse free market with infringement of the consumer protection code”, warned Loureiro.

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