Former fighter reports experience with Holyfield and reveals concern for the veteran’s fight against Belfort

B. Schaub tells a disturbing experience against E. Holyfield. Photo: SUPER FIGHTS assembly

Brendan Schaub reported a disturbing past experience with Evander Holyfield at an event seven years ago. In your podcast ‘The Hybrid‘, the former fighter and Ultimate commentator stated that the veteran was disoriented and needed a mentor. He even believes that the ‘Royal Deal‘ should not be in competition, at 58, against Victor Belfort.

“I was at a charity event with Evander (Holyfield) seven years ago and he needed a trainer to guide him where to go because he didn’t know where he was so I don’t know if he should be fighting. But I have no idea how he’s going to turn out (against Belfort). Now, when I saw him at that charity event, maybe he had a little drink. I don’t know, maybe he was just passed out. But a guy had to whisper everyone’s name in his ear and show him where to go,” reported Schaub.

Evander Holyfield, 58, will return to the ring after more than 11 years. In his last appearance, which took place in April 2010, the American overcame Brian Nelson by knockout. However, with the return of its former archrival Mike Tyson, Evander admitted a desire to follow in the footsteps of returning to the rings.