Former Spanish pilot dies aged 46 after refusing Covid vaccine

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Former motorcycling driver Jorge Lis is perhaps not one of the best known in the world of motorsport, but he won the sports pages in recent days, when he died at 46, a victim of Covid-19. What caught his attention was not just another sad case of the disease during the pandemic, but the fact that he openly rejects and advocates against the vaccine that fights the virus.

The former driver’s story was shared by his sister, Elena Lis, in the Spanish newspaper Levante, on August 15th. In the text, she made public a message in which Jorge confesses his fears after refusing the vaccine.

“I’m scared, Elena, because I was naive and now we can’t stop this. This week was a blow, one of the biggest lessons of my life. Spending a lot of time on Twitter made me extreme in the extreme. I wish I had been vaccinated”, he wrote.

Jorge Lis raced in Spain and then took care of young talents (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)

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Jorge’s message was sent to his sister after discovering the positive result of a test for Covid-19, days before he was admitted to a hospital in the city of Valencia, where he fell into a coma. In the last 45 days, due to the extreme gravity of the case, he was in the ICU and breathing with the help of equipment.

“This virus is like that, it’s treacherous. In a few hours, he stopped believing in hospital discharge and was diagnosed with a very serious bilateral pneumonia”, said Elena.

“He, who at the beginning of the pandemic was always scared, changed and became infected with an invisible and very dangerous virus: that of theories that deny the existence of Covid or reduce its effects. I listened to supposed gurus who boasted about privileged information, economic and social data beyond the knowledge of mortals”, commented the sister.

Jorge Lis was the Spanish 125cc runner-up in 1996. After his retirement from the tracks, he worked as a book editor and took care of the careers of riders like Bernat Martínez and Steven Odendaal in the Superbike World Championship.