Free Fire: Nobru shows off new car valued at R$ 250,000

Bruno “Nobru”, founder of Fluxo and one of the biggest influencers in Brazil, revealed last week his newest achievement: a BMW 320i. The 2020 model of the luxury car, the same purchased by the player, is valued in Brazil at approximately 250 thousand reais.

During the video, Nobru shows the exterior and interior of his new car while presenting all the vehicle’s amenities. The influencer also thanked all his fans and stated that this achievement would not be possible without them.

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“Before showing, I would like to thank you guys a lot. None of this, all the achievements of my life, would be possible without you who support me. I’ve already managed to give my mom a car, an apartment and a house, and all the support for my dad. This is all thanks to you. I’m always trying to reward you by giving opportunities because you deserve it,” said Nobru.

Nobru is one of the best known Free Fire players in Brazil. World champion for Corinthians, today the influencer works for Fluxo, an organization founded by him and Lucio “Cerol”, where he was champion of the fourth edition of the Brazilian League of Free Fire (LBFF) and competed in the last edition of the FF World Series.

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