Friends and family say goodbye to Dudu Braga at a wake in São Paulo | celebrities

Dudu Braga’s burial took place at Araçá Cemetery, in São Paulo, this ThursdayNews Agency

Posted 09/09/2021 12:56 | Updated 09/09/2021 13:09

Rio – Friends and family said goodbye to Dudu Braga, son of singer Roberto Carlos, at a wake held at the Funeral Home space, in the Bela Vista neighborhood, in São Paulo, this Thursday morning. The ceremony included a mass performed by Father Antonio Maria. The burial of the music producer followed, at Cemitério do Araçá, also in São Paulo.

According to Roberto Carlos’ office, the singer was at Dudu’s wake, but did not attend the burial. “Roberto was at the funeral. As in recent days he was directly with Dudu at the hospital, he preferred to spare himself, even because of the pandemic, from going to the cemetery. He stayed at his son’s wake and when the urn went to the cemetery, he chose to go home, also because he was very shaken,” said the singer’s advisor to the magazine “Quem”.

A family friend, Father Antonio Maria was responsible for celebrating, in August this year, Dudu’s marriage to Valeska Braga after 18 years of union. Dudu and Valeska have a daughter, Laura, 5 years old. The music producer leaves behind two more children, Giovanna, 22, and Gianpietro, 17, from a previous relationship.

Dudu Braga died at the age of 52, this Wednesday, a victim of peritoneal cancer. He announced his diagnosis of cancer in September of last year in an Instagram post. Before that, Dudu had already undergone two treatments to take care of pancreatic cancer, in 2019. In July of this year, he told on social networks that doctors even switched chemotherapy after finding that there was neither regression nor progression of the tumor.