From Salgado’s concern to Lisca’s rapid fall: the echoes of the crisis in Vasco, far from access | Vasco

Lisca’s madness was ephemeral in Vasco. He arrived with a letter, pose and pomp to São Januário. He took pictures in the press room, said he was moved, asked for the blessing of the statue of Romario and seemed to be the security card of a very troubled first year of Jorge Salgado’s administration.

+ Lisca resigns from Vasco

But it didn’t last long. Announced on July 20, Lisca lasted a month and a half in command of Vasco. There were 12 games, with four wins, one draw and seven defeats. The plan of Salgado and football director Alexandre Bird collapsed in a worrying scenario with 15 rounds of the end of Serie B.

Lisca spent less than two months in São Januário — Photo: Joao Vitor Rezende Borba/AGIF

The reports of the end of the line from the Gaucho coach are initially encouraging, with such a shock of mood in the locker room – which even counted with a meeting of the whole group to share stories of life and overcoming difficulties -, but the middle and end of the trajectory through the Hill were marked by friction and discouragement.

+ VOTE: who should be Vasco’s new coach?

Vasco is now looking for a coach – they looked for Guto Ferreira and Fernando Diniz and analyzed options – until the team’s next game, on the 16th, against CRB, in Maceió. And it still tries to pick up the pieces in an administration that he doesn’t have a full year and goes to the fourth coach – after Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Marcelo Cabo and Lisca.

SporTV selection analyzes Lisca do Vasco's output

SporTV selection analyzes Lisca do Vasco’s output

One of the stories that explain the harmony that stood by the way between Lisca and the Vasco group happened on the return of the team from a recent trip. Wary of a possible protest, the club’s security called a private bus to receive the delegation at the runway and everyone would wait to leave Santos Dumont airport without going through the runway.

Lisca and his coaching staff got up and left the group behind. This is all hours after taking the blame for poor results and trying to publicly protect your athletes. The episode resonated badly within the cast. Impatient, Lisca also showed irritation in daily life in Vasco and bothered athletes. Even with the feeling of disbelief in the coach’s reaction, the direction did not think about the coach’s dismissal.

+ Vasco files a request with the STJD to challenge the match against Brasil de Pelotas

+ After leaving Lisca, Guto Ferreira and Fernando Diniz are sought by Vasco

At the club’s high command, Salgado changed his routine. If he wasn’t a frequent presence in training, he listened to some pairs and started going more often on trips. He continued with the group, for example, in the last two matches away from home – against Operário and Avaí.

Lisca’s animation on her first day of work at Vasco — Photo: Vitor Brügger/Vasco

The relationship with Alexandre Bird remains intact. The president has a trustworthy character in the football executive and believes in the capacity of the young manager, which went from the praise and pampering of fans on the internet to severe criticism in the casting of the cast – the main one being the absence of a left-back after Henrique left and being left with only Zeca and the young Riquelme.

The president acts as the soccer vice runner, in the absence of this figure, by decision and his own vision. In a scenario similar to that of Campello – who only turned to José Luiz Moreira at the end of his term – he doesn’t see figures that fit his profile. During the campaign, Mais Vasco promised a structure with a VP in football and a department CEO, who would be Paulo Roberto Falcão. However, Salgado gave up on that project after his fall to Serie B.

The fact is that football is closed to the decisions of Salgado, from a distance, and of Bird, on a daily basis. Of course, there are closer interlocutors, such as the two general vice-presidents Carlos Roberto Osório and Roberto Duque Estrada, but the decision-making power lies in these four hands. Away from the “soccer committee” set up in the campaign organization chart, which would also have the vice of finance, Adriano Mendes, plus a VP and CEO of football. An image left on the campaign slide.

At a time of political fragility even with his base, with criticisms of the conduct of football – Salgado stressed that Campello was misusing the department’s resources (“I don’t want to continue anything in football”, he said) and the reality today is that of a of the most expensive teams in Serie B in the middle of the table – the president tries to manage the crisis in his own way. Recently, he received supporters and old characters from the club to talk. Whether at home, in the office or in the presidency room.

Despite the criticism, Salgado is an admirer of Alexandre Bird’s work — Photo: Rafael Ribeiro/Vasco

The calm that characterizes him for many – and which for some opponents is a sign of inertia – was no longer there. Salgado seemed worried and scared about the future of football. But he still trusted in turnaround and access. Until recently, the most loyal supporters shared this idea.

– We are on the right path – he said, despite reservations and regrets, which included the financial inability to invest more in hiring and change the picture.

in your accounts, Vasco would close the first round with 31 points – the projection he made previously was to finish with 32, so it wasn’t far. There was a game to close the shift and, at night, the team lost to Londrina with an incredible comeback at the end of the match, with failures by Lucão and Ricardo Graça, two Olympic champions back in São Januário.

Meanwhile, the political base of Semper Vasco, represented by Julio Brant, moved away. After the good relationship at the beginning of his term, with an alliance to set up councils and meetings of the commission to reform the statute, Brant – who even made a post praising the beginning of his term in football after the “conquest” of the Rio Cup, the fifth placement of Carioca – and the group publicly took a stand and made themselves available to help.

Salgado responded on Twitter to the critical tone of the former ally – although an opponent, who owns 30 seats on the board -, who later again placed himself as a possible helper of the current administration. Brant has held weekly meetings and invited characters from politics and football in Vasco for lunches on weekends at the club’s restaurant. It moves politically.

Most voted in the annulled November 7 election, the lawyer Luis Roberto Leven Siano participates in several lives on the internet and severely criticizes Salgado and what he calls the “amateurism” of the current board. He defends that Mussa, former president of the General Assembly, resign from the action of the last election, which, according to Leven, would make him become president of the club.

The hypothesis of withdrawing the action, however, is not taken into account by Brant’s group, which has 30 seats on the Deliberative Council because it came second in the virtual election on November 14, won by Salgado. If the election on the 7th, in which Brant was the third most voted, were validated, they would lose those seats on the Council.