Globo decides to completely change the rerun of Secret Truths and takes an unexpected attitude

Secret Truths is being re-exhibited at Globo (Image: Reproduction – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

secret truths returned to airing after six years of its production, but this time, Globo will promote some changes in its airtime, which will undergo some variations.

Exceptionally this week, due to football, it will be aired from Monday to Friday, at 11 pm, contrary to what was happening in previous weeks.

Originally, the 23:00 soap operas do not air on Wednesday nights, but because of the Brazilian team in the qualifiers, the public will gain an extra day from the repercussions.

This time, the only change will be on Monday, when it will air earlier, at 10 pm, right after Império’s rerun, according to the schedule published.

Who was harmed by this story was The Masked Singer, which airs on Tuesday nights and had to be canceled this September 7, being replaced by football.

Remember that the rerun of Secrets Truths is a warm-up for its continuation, which will air even bolder on Globoplay. This time, it will also feature gay couples.

The author will feature new actors, with stories as engaging as those of the other groups. Thus, Globoplay will take a ride on what Netflix series have been doing for a few years.

One of these plots will be carried out by Bruno Montaleone and Johnny Massaro, who spoke about the subject with the newspaper O Globo and revealed:

“Before we started recording, the entire cast met virtually with the plot director, Amora Mautner, and she made it clear that the key word of the work is courage. I’m full of this feeling, throwing myself headfirst. There was a moment when I thought: ‘Oh my God! And now?’. But it ended up happening. In the end, the story goes far from the field of sensuality. The camera operator is in the studio; we need to stop the ‘act’ to adjust the light or because the colleague didn’t lick his armpit right. It’s very crazy.”

‘Secret truths’ is the pinnacle. I find the idea of ​​having a free body and exploring other possibilities of affection interesting. I consider the novel a chance to review the concept of morality”, revealed.

“It’s silly to separate things by gender. This is for a boy, this is for a girl… We could be more flexible with the universe of others. But I understand that, to get to that point, it would be necessary to have a deep understanding of our own universe.” explained.

Recently, Bruno Montaleone also caused it by posting a photo in swim trunks next to Rainer Cadet, who plays the character Visky. In addition to showing off his six pack abs, Bruno also drew attention by showing a volume.

Secret Truths 2. Matheus & Visky“, he said, referring to the characters in the plot of Walcyr Carrasco. Netizens, of course, went wild with the publication. “What is it little boy?“questioned Daniel Rangel.

God bless“, affirmed Ícaro Silva. “My blood pressure dropped. Do not do that“, asked Rafael Vitti. “Left back!“, noted Guilherme Hamacek, pointing out the direction in which Bruno’s organ appears in the image.

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