Grmio threatens not to face Flamengo if Maracan receives fans

(Photo: AFP)

After Flamengo is authorized to receive the public in the next three games as home team, including two against Grmio, the club gacho evaluates the possibility of not taking the field for the return game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil if there is a presence of fans in the Maracan, on the 15th of September.

The legal director of the Grmio, Nestor Hein, confirmed the information. “In the Copa do Brasil, technical guidelines accepted by Grmio and Flamengo were established, in which the games would not have the public on the return trip if they were not entitled to the public on the trip. Flamengo interrupted this understanding,” he said.

Hein also stated that the club’s legal counsel was consulted and, after analyzing the situation, suggested what they believed to be the appropriate response. However, he made it clear that the suggestion of the sector, which acts in an advisory nature, may not be accepted. “What the Grmio will do, how it will decide, is a matter for the club president, for its board of directors. Our recommendation is that you do not play.”

Despite this, the director pointed out that “usually in these six years, our suggestions have been heeded”. Earlier, in an interview with Rdio Guaba, Hein declared that Flamengo “lives in a world apart”. “There are rules to be followed and our ability to live by the rules. The CBF says that there will be no public in any of the games and this applies to our common life. CBF rule. We’re going to win a medal,” he said.

This Wednesday morning, 19 of the 20 Serie A teams reached a consensus and decided that the Brazilian should remain unattended in September. Only Flamengo, which obtained an injunction from the Superior Court of Deportive Justice (STJD) to place fans in “test events” at Maracan, refused to send a representative to the meeting. The clubs plan to sue the STJD to overturn the injunction.