Health Department investigates new suspected case of Delta variant in Piauí – Picos

Photo: Ascom Fepiserh

The State Department of Health (Sesapi) reported on Thursday (09) that it is investigating a suspected case of infection by the Delta variant of the new coronavirus. The patient is a 72-year-old man who has been admitted to the ICU of the Justino Luz Regional Hospital, in Picos, since last September 4th.

According to the coordinator of Epidemiology at Sesapi, Amélia Costa, the information passed on by the hospital is that the man traveled to São Paulo on August 12th and returned to Picos on the 24th of the same month. The journey was made in a clandestine bus, which makes it difficult to track other passengers.

“On the 26th of August he presented the first symptoms of the disease, but he only sought the hospital on the 3rd of September, where he is in the ICU. Knowing that he came from a city with high circulation of the Delta variant, we asked the health unit for samples to carry out the genetic sequencing”, explained the coordinator.

The sample for genetic sequencing of the patient will be sent to FioCruz, in Rio de Janeiro, to detect which strain the man was infected with. “Since he had a viral load below 25, we made a sequencing request to FioCruz and we are preparing the material to be sent”, said the Epidemiology coordinator.

The 72-year-old man made the trip from São Paulo to Picos by means of a clandestine bus, which is making it difficult for the other passengers to be tracked by the Picos and Sesapi Surveillance. “We asked the people who were on this bus to seek out the secretariats of their municipalities, so that we can monitor all contacts. We are working together with the Health Department of Picos, to find the transport company and try to locate as many passengers as possible”, recalls Amélia Costa.

Another situation that led to the worsening of the patient’s health condition is the fact that, even at 72 years of age, he has not taken any dose of vaccines against Covid-19. He also has chronic heart disease. “We already have advanced vaccination for younger age groups in our state, but this patient did not take the vaccine, which worsened his clinical condition, in addition to the comorbidity he has. That is why we alert to the need for vaccination and the continuity of other care, such as the use of masks, not crowding, which are being neglected by many people”, emphasizes Amélia Costa.

This is Delta’s second suspected case investigated in Piauí. Last month, a patient hospitalized with covid-19 in a private hospital in the north of Teresina underwent tests to identify possible contamination by the variant.

Nathaniel Souza (With information from Sesapi)
[email protected]