How can Calleri fit into Hernán Crespo’s São Paulo? Commentators opine | São Paulo

The presentation? It’s already gone. The first ball practice? Also. Starting this Thursday and for the next few weeks, Hernán Crespo will start fitting Jonathan Calleri into the current São Paulo. The center forward returns to the club after five years.

Scorer of 16 goals in 31 matches in his first spell at Morumbi, Calleri finds a very different São Paulo, especially on the field. In 2016, the commander was Edgardo Bauza. Now, also Argentine Hernán Crespo.

Hernán Crespo and Jonathan Calleri talk at the São Paulo CT — Photo: Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc

To find out how Calleri fits into the current tricolor scheme, the report from ge asked for three valuable opinions. Alexandre Lozetti, Ana Thaís Matos and Leonardo Miranda opined on how the center forward will gain space in the current São Paulo game mode.

Alexandre Lozetti, commentator

– Calleri is easy to fit in because he is the final piece, the center forward is the one who least associates with the others in the construction of the moves. In fact, São Paulo often plays as if they had a striker with their characteristics – even if they didn’t. The Argentinian will be useful to dispute long balls with the defenders, something that the other center forwards have difficulty with.

– He is a player with more ability to win physical disputes than Pablo, Luciano, Eder and Vitor Bueno, this can also improve offensive air play. Calleri scored important headers on his first pass. It will be up to him to provide depth for Rigoni, the defensive midfielders and the wings, and also serve as a pivot to open up infiltration spaces. In good physical condition, he will start.

Calleri receives São Paulo shirt 30 — Photo: Rubens Chiri/

Ana Thais Matos, commentator

– I imagine Calleri and Rigoni forming the main duo in São Paulo with a lot of mobility and space occupation. Rigoni has been decisive and, with Calleri, lives the expectation of winning a teammate who, in addition to enjoying the submission, will work to create opportunities.

– I imagine Calleri in a role similar to Brenner, however, leaving the area a little more. What can “confuse” the opponent, since Rigoni also takes up space. I see São Paulo with different possibilities to mount the attack, whether the starting lineup or needing to change the scheme with the ball rolling, with Luciano and Eder also available, which give distinct characteristics to the offensive sector.

Calleri runs in one of the fields of CT in São Paulo — Photo: Fellipe Lucena / saopaulofc

Leonardo Miranda, from the Tactical Panel blog, by ge

– Calleri arrives in São Paulo as a typical area man, who takes advantage of the balls played in the area, bothers the defenders and scores goals. He combines that flair for goal with a very striking feature: he is a smart player to anticipate and run into empty spaces before the defenders mark him.

Calleri returns to São Paulo.  Remember the Argentine's goals for Tricolor

Calleri returns to São Paulo. Remember the Argentine’s goals for Tricolor

– This matched the team created by Bauza in 2016, which was very vertical, and also matches Crespo’s style. Therefore, he can combine well with Benítez and even Daniel Alves. As it is not so mobile to leave the area or try to put itself on its back to make the pivot, the team will have to increase its creative capacity to supply the player with good passes up front.