How Instagram Account Verification Works

Instagram account verification is a mechanism created to give credibility to accounts of public people, companies or someone considered notable by the social network. The intention of the blue seal is to prevent fake profiles from deceiving users and even obtaining advantages, such as partnerships and other scams.

Any user can apply for verification to Instagram, and all requests go through a strict social network evaluation, which involves analyzing the profile’s importance and authenticity.

Requirements to request verification

According to Instagram itself, there are some requirements for the profile to receive the blue verification seal. Are they:

Verified Accounts receive a blue seal next to their profile nameVerified accounts receive a blue seal next to the profile name.Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

  • authentic — The account must be a real person or a registered entity/company. Thus, a profile that does not represent a public figure or a real company will hardly receive validation;
  • only — The profile must represent the unique presence of the person or company in question. Only one account per person or per company can be verified, with language-specific account exceptions. For example, if you have a profile for friends and one for general users, only one will receive the badge. The same goes for chain stores and their headquarters, for example.

Before making your request, it is essential that you are among the necessary requirements.Before making the request, it is essential to meet the necessary requirements.Source: Disclosure / Instagram

  • complete — The account must be public and have all data filled in, such as biography, profile photo and, of course, at least one post;
  • remarkable — The profile must represent well-researched, well-researched people, brands or entities. Instagram analyzes accounts that appear on multiple news sources and does not consider paid or sponsored media content as sources for analysis.

If the profile does not fit the parameters, no matter how much the verification request is made, it will not be met.

How to request a verification for Instagram

To make the verification request, follow the step by step:

1. On Instagram, go to the “Settings” option.

Go to the app's home menu and access the option Go to the app’s home menu and access the “Settings” option.Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

2. Access the “Account” option.

In option In “Account”, you have access to a series of options regarding the profile.Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

3. Go to “Request verification”.

In In “Request verification”, you need to fill in a series of data to justify the seal on the account.Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

4. The next screen displays a series of data that need to be submitted for evaluation, such as account category and type of audience (theme) formed by the followers. You can also put the name as it is popularly known, if you have one, and links from other social networks or articles and videos, if it is a journalist or communicator account. Finally, press “Submit”.

Fill in as much information as possible to give Instagram enough data when verifying your accountFill in as much information as possible to give Instagram enough data to verify the account.Source: Diego Borges / Reproduction

5. Now it is necessary to wait up to 30 days for Instagram to give an answer regarding the verification of the account.

Other important information

It is also important to remember that, if the profile obtains the verification seal, it needs to follow some rules imposed by Instagram. Are they:

  • It is not allowed to transfer the verified account seal to another profile. If you completely change the identity of the account after it has been accepted in the verification process, Instagram will remove the status.

Even with the account verified, you must walk in line and not break the rules of the social networkEven with the account verified, it is necessary to “walk the line” and not disobey the rules of the social network.Source: Cottonbro / Pexels

  • If you have any improper conduct with the verified account, in addition to the risk of losing the seal, the profile can be suspended and even removed from the social network. Therefore, pay attention to the type of content you publish, so that it is always within the rules of use.

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