How to clear your CPF in Serasa? Check it step by step

Every year, Serasa holds fairs in order to create an option for the population that is not allowed to clean their CPF. Which makes it much easier, but you can’t always wait for these events. The ideal would be regularize your name on Serasa ASAP, right?

The debt situation is something recurrent. The scenario got even worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a survey by CNC (National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism), the percentage of indebted people in Brazil reached 67.1% in June 2020. At least 25.4% were in a state of default – the data was published by Agência Brasil.

But luckily there are ways to take your name out of the red, organize your finances and recover your credit in the market. And the pandemic scenario created more flexible conditions for negotiating debt with companies and banks. Next, we’ll present one of the alternatives, in a step-by-step way, to help you clear your CPF.

How to consult your CPF

First, the consumer needs to carry out a consult your CPF. This verification is essential to know with precision and details about the debts that are outstanding. And another: some people may be negative without knowing it. This usually occurs when there is a change of address without prior notice from the company where the purchase was made.

This consultation can be done through the Serasa Consumidor portal, online and free of charge. Now that the CPF has arrived, let’s go to the instructions on how to clear your name in Serasa.

Coming out of the negative

The easiest way out of debt is through the Serasa Limpa Nome website. After consulting your CPF, check all the data and debts in your name and select the best negotiation option that fits your possibilities.

Once this is done, follow the negotiation guidelines and select the option “generate the bill”. With the bank slip in hand, just make the payment to clear your name on Serasa. Companies have a period of five working days after payment to regularize their condition for granting credit.