‘If I hadn’t come to work, I would have gone home’, reveals Douglas Souza about homophobia episode

'If I hadn't come to work, I would have gone home', reveals Douglas Souza about homophobia episode

city ​​of his new club in Italy (Play / Instagram)

After reporting having suffered homophobia on his arrival in Europe, the pointer of the Brazilian volleyball team Douglas Souza explained the event on his social networks. The athlete said that he was held by authorities for 15 hours at the airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands, without explanation and that the control agents began to treat him differently after introducing his boyfriend.

– We had long travel days. I left Brazil on Monday night and arrived here in Italy on Wednesday. It was supposed to have arrived on Tuesday, it was supposed to have been a much smoother trip than it was. I’ll tell you a little bit about what happened, I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to be carrying this energy right now – started the pointer on her Instagram.

Douglas said he took a flight to Amsterdam, from where he would take a connection to Rome, Italy, and finally take a last flight to Vibo Valentia. It was in the Dutch capital, even before the second leg, where the incident took place.

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– By the time we went through passport control, the guy talked to me super “good”, he asked what I was going to do in Italy, anyway, I explained to him that I was a volleyball player, who had been hired for such team, anyway. And then he asked who Gabriel was. When I told him he was my boyfriend, his physiognomy has changed at the time and his treatment too – explained the athlete.

– Then he asked what Gabriel was going to do there and I said he was my boyfriend, we have a document of stable union here, he’s going to accompany me there, he’s going to work there, anyway. He called a guy on the phone and said this guy would take care of us. Then they took us to another place, on the side of the line, where there were about 20 people, and left us there for about five hours, more or less – continued the pointer.

The pointer of the Brazilian team said that the police did not explain the reason for the situation, that he offered to help and gave the club’s phone number to the agents.

– After about five or six hours they called me in a small room and did an entire interview to ask what I was going to do there, and until then I thought it was super normal. But then it arrived again and they hit who Gabriel was. I tried to explain that it was my boyfriend and they had a lot of difficulty understanding this term, for them it was “partner”, they didn’t speak at all “boyfriend” – said the athlete.

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– Then he released me, left me in a corner again for a few hours and then I started to notice a certain pattern in their treatment because, as I said, there were about 20 other people and 18 of these people were black or Latino. And then one of those people who were waiting with us was very angry with the situation, even this guy stayed much less time than us but he was very angry – he added.

Douglas Souza said this other man was also imprisoned until the last release and that he questioned officers about biased treatment.

– A girl was placed in front of him and she stayed about 15 minutes at most, she was attended to, a little blonde with blue eyes and then he rebelled. She started screaming and asking why they were seeing them and not answering us, “Is it because she’s white?” The girl was even embarrassed – he explained.

– They left us there, I asked how many hours we had to wait, why we had to wait and they didn’t say anything. We literally spent the whole day there, sitting, waiting and when it was about 11 pm, the airport had already closed and there was no longer any flight to Rome, they released us and this young man – revealed Douglas Souza .

The pointer concluded by explaining that he only managed to get to Rome at 7 am the next day and spent the night at Amsterdam airport. Douglas also told how complicated it is and how fragile he felt.

– That’s what I felt, a very strange situation, it was very difficult because we feel fragile in this situation since we can’t do anything, it was against the police if we said something and got excited, it could cause problems for us. If I hadn’t come for work, if I were for tourism, I would certainly not have been here, I would have already gone home. I even tried to ask for my passport back but they didn’t want to give it to me right away – concluded Douglas Souza.

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