Ilha Record: Pyong and Antonela are the only ones deserving the R$ 250 thousand – 08/09/2021

The extraordinary first season of Ilha Record is coming to an end, the moving reality show that mixed a series of concepts from other formats to spoil the routine of its participants.

One of the main differences was the lack of public participation in the eliminations: everything was decided according to the wishes of the competitors themselves — often with absolutely lysergic rules.

Not even the grand champion is defined by the audience. The R$ 500,000 prize will be awarded to whoever has the best performance in a treasure hunt competition — the finalists, as we know, are Pyong Lee and Any Borges.

But there is another award, this one, whose owner will be chosen by the popular will. The R$ 250,000 is already at stake, and anyone can win. It’s a kind of Miss Sympathy, a contest to reward the most charismatic and beloved.

In my ever humble opinion, the jackpot should go to the duo that earned the most agenda over these fun weeks. Pyong and Antonela, thanks to noisy gossip involving the affection they nurtured for each other in confinement, were the only ones who broke the bubble, in addition to the repercussions of the attraction.

If this is the most meritocratic of realities, it would be important to reward them. Since before the show began, they were the ones who set the course for coverage, both professionally and from fans on social media.

Regardless of whether you think they are right or wrong, it was Pyong and Antonela who imposed rhythm and poetry on Ilha Record, and they will remain forever etched in the memory of enthusiasts of the genre.

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