Image of Taliban aiming a rifle at a woman’s chest in Kabul goes viral

An image illustrating Taliban violence and brutality has gone viral since it was posted on social media on Tuesday (7/9). In the photo, a militia member of the fundamentalist group points a rifle at the chest of a woman in Kabul (Afghanistan). The woman, who was not identified, did not retreat. Beside her, a man converses with another armed extremist.

“A fearless Afghan woman came face to face with an armed Taliban”, posted on Twitter the activist Zahra Rahimi, with great repercussion.

The scene would have taken place at a time when the Taliban was trying to suppress a demonstration on Tuesday (7/9) for women’s rights held in the Afghan capital. The event was called “March for Freedom”. Images below:

Upon taking power last month, the fundamentalist militia said it would respect women’s achievements in the last two decades of American occupation. But there are several reports of violence and abitrarities against women in the country.

Women confined in building parking lot in Kabul
Women confined in building parking lot in Kabul Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

To deflate the protest, among other measures, the Taliban isolated in the parking lot of a bank building, located underground, dozens of women who intended to participate in the demonstration. see below: