Imprisoned on suspicion of financing mega-robbery in Araçatuba is released, says Court of Justice | São José do Rio Preto and Araçatuba

Paulo César Gabrir, 33, his wife, Michele Maria da Silva, 40, and young Emerson Henrique Dias, 25, were arrested in Sorocaba (SP). The woman and the boy were also released.

According to the Court of Justice, the arrests of suspects in flagrante delicto for the crime of criminal association were relaxed, as there was no evidence linking them to the Araçatuba case.

“There was no seizure of any instrument or proceeds of crime related to that case in the possession of the assessed parties (money, weapons, explosives, etc.), with the exception of an anonymous complaint, which is not even considered an indication. The arrest occurred by a criminal association without any , however, there was minimal evidence in the case records of the practice of such a crime by the assessed parties.

There is still no information on whether the three are still being investigated for their participation in the crime.

Heavily armed criminals attacked three bank branches in the center of Araçatuba (SP), in the early morning of the 30th, a Monday. The action lasted two hours, between attacking agencies, shooting and fleeing.

VIDEOS: watch images about the attack in Araçatuba