In an act following the 7th, truck drivers stop highways in various regions of the country (see video)

A day after the biggest democratic demonstrations in the country’s history, groups of truck drivers are carrying out roadblocks on stretches of federal highways, this Wednesday (8th).

According to information from the Federal Highway Police, roadblocks are taking place in 22 municipalities. In Santa Catarina, the events are taking place in the cities of Garuva, Joinville, Araquari, São João do Sul, Mafra, Santa Cecília, São Francisco do Sul, Guaramirim, São Bento do Sul, Canoinhas, Campos Novos, Navegantes and Itajaí; in Paraná, in the cities of Paranavaí and Maringá, and in Espírito Santo, in Linhares, João Neiva, Viana, Iconha, Itapemirim, Ibatiba and Vila Velha.

There is no deadline for the release of the highways, on which the passage of cargo vehicles is prohibited. Passenger vehicles and vehicles with perishable cargo are circulating normally.

Circulating videos show hundreds of drivers from all over Brazil stopping the highways.

It’s impressive!

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