In “Encontro”, Fátima Bernardes gives a worried and accurate outburst about the current political and social scenario in the country — watch!

People like us! This Wednesday morning (8th), Fátima Bernardes led the “Encounter” and represented millions of Brazilians by making a sincere outburst about the current situation and the future of the country. At the beginning of the program, while commenting on the most relevant issues of the day on social networks, the communicator noted that the historic hit of Legião Urbana, “What country is this?”, was on the rise in the networks.

Fatima then used the cue to confess her concern and dissatisfaction with the political and social scenario we are facing. “Ana Maria opened the program with this song, ‘Que País’. Yes, ‘what country is this’ with inflation at over 7%, with almost 20 million starving, unemployment on the rise, millions in need because they can’t get a job. A country with nearly 600,000 deaths from the pandemic, a country with a water and health crisis, unfortunately this is our country.” lamented.

The presenter also concluded the speech with a reflection and, in a way, advice to those who watched her. “That’s what we have to think about when we wake up: what we want for our country in the future”, reinforced. Just spy:

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Bernardes’ comment came the day after the pro-Jair Bolsonaro (No Party) acts that took place across the country this Tuesday (7), Independence Day. On Instagram, the journalist condemned the demonstrations, asked for awareness of the constitution and also made a warning to Brazilians.

“We already have a lot of problems, we cannot also lose our freedom and live under constant threat. Why encourage undemocratic actions, if we have so many fair demands: more jobs, more food, less inflation, more respect for the different, more and better schools, less deforestation, less inequality. There are many good causes, just choose. The solution of any of them would make our lives much better”, wrote Fatima.