In event without Bolsonaro, government promises train to Cumbica for 2023 | Companies

After countless promises of a rail link between the Central region in São Paulo it’s the Cumbica Airport, in Guarulhos, a term was signed this Wednesday (8) that provides for the construction of the connection within 24 months.

The agreement between the federal government and the dealership GRU Airport provides for the construction and operation of the “people move” or “airmobile”, a train that will connect the CPTM Airport station to the Cumbica terminals.

The work has an estimated cost of R$270 million. The amount will be deducted from what the concessionaire should pay to the Federal Government for granting the airport.

The federal government claims that the system will have the capacity to transport 2,000 users per hour in each direction and that travel and waiting time will be six minutes. There will be no extra charge for this final stretch.

Currently, those who need to travel between Cumbica and Luz station (in the center of São Paulo) can use the express from 13-jade line, but the terminals are far from the CPTM Airport station, which forces users to take one of the free buses provided by the concessionaire to make the shift.

This transfer ends up increasing travel time. To get from the station to Terminal 2, the busiest, the bus takes almost 10 minutes. In addition, the distance causes discomfort for passengers, who are forced to drag suitcases down the stairs and crowd into the collectives.

According to Marcelo Sampaio, executive secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, work on the monorail will begin immediately. “The additive provides 24 months for the complete completion of the work, but we are talking to the concessionaire so that intermediate deliveries can be made,” he said.

He says that, after conversations with the concessionaire, the federal government hopes that by the end of next year the new system will already be partially working.

It also states that the existence of the monorail will make schedules predictable for passengers, which will increase demand.

“You will know exactly that in 48 minutes or 51 minutes you will be inside the terminal to board. This will attract many passengers to the airport,” he said.

In July, the board of Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) approved this amendment term in the concession contract of GRU Airport, which included in the list of obligations of the concessionaire the investment in the implementation of the aeromobile.

A consortium called Aerogru will do the work. It brings together companies such as Aeron, HTB, FBS and Tsinfra.

The signing of the term was scheduled for the participation of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party), and was interpreted as a gesture of provocation to his political enemy João Doria (PSDB). After the acts of Sete de Setembro and the coup-like speeches, which caused discomfort even among allies, the president’s participation was cancelled. O Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio de Freitas, was also not at the event.

Soon after taking office at Palácio dos Bandeirantes, Governor João Doria (PSDB) criticized the fact that the train did not reach the terminals.

“It doesn’t make sense for public transport that doesn’t take you to the airport. It’s so bizarre that it’s hard to believe that this was done in the State of São Paulo”, he said, in January 2019, with a promise to seek an alternative with the concessionaire GRU Airport and the federal government.

If the work is delayed, Doria, who intends to run for President of the Republic in 2022, may leave the state government without the problem being resolved.

Governador Franco Montoro International Airport, also known as Cumbica Airport — Photo: Delfim Martins/Divulgação