‘In the Emperor’s Times’: Samuel leaves Pilar devastated in a reunion after years

Gabriela Medvedovski and Michel Gomes on stage as Pilar and Samuel in 'In the Emperor's Times' (Photo: Globo)Gabriela Medvedovski and Michel Gomes on stage as Pilar and Samuel in ‘In the Emperor’s Times’ (Photo: Globo)

In the next chapters of novel “In the times of the Emperor”, Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) will meet again Samuel (Michel Gomes) after years and will have an unpleasant surprise talking to him.

The girl will spend a long period studying medicine in the usa. When you come back, dwill cover up that Samuel will major in engineering. She will then appear at the boy’s graduation, but will quickly leave when she finds out that the ex got engaged to zayla (Heslaine Vieira).

Samuel will see when she leaves and will decide to look for her. Pilar will be thrilled to see him and ask him what he wants with her.

– You should have something to say to me, since it was my graduation. I saw you there, but you left without talking to me. Why? – will question Samuel.


Dom Pedro attacks Tonico. know the reason

Daughter catches Pedro and tells Teresa

– I didn’t want to get in the way – will answer cornerstone.

– Disturb what?

– Your friend Luisa (Mariana Ximenes), told that you and Zayla are engaged – she will say, who will ask if the boy loves Zayla.

– Yes, I love Zayla.

Pilar will feel the blow, but will hide it. Then they will say goodbye.


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