Individual health plan: find out when the monthly fee will be reduced – Health

THE National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) approved in July an unpublished negative readjustment for the monthly fees of health insurance this year, -8.19%. In practice, this means that the amount paid for individual contracts will be reduced until next year.

THE Brazilian Association of Health Plans (cover) contested the measure in court, but the request was not accepted. The index correction is already valid, therefore, for the entire national territory and all operators. Part of the customers, however, have had doubts about when the monthly fee will be reduced.

Below, remove the main questions about the readjustment of health plans:

When does the negative readjustment of health plans take effect?

ANS informs that the adjustment must be applied in the anniversary month of the contract with the plan operator, between May this year and April 2022. Thus, if your contract was signed in February, the adjustment will only be applied in February of the year in which he comes. If it was in October, the value will still change in 2021, next month.

What is the amount of the readjustment in health plans?

The readjustment approved by ANS is -8.19% on the total amount of the health plan.

How is the readjustment calculated?

The readjustment of individual health plans is calculated based on the variation in medical and hospital costs and the variation in non-care expenses in relation to the previous year. The readjustment approved in July by ANS, therefore, reflects the 2020 scenario.

How do I find out the anniversary date of my contract?

All contracts are available on the ANS official website (Click here). Just enter the link “Consumer space”, highlighted on the homepage, and enter your personal data.

How is the readjustment for the collective plans?

The new rate of -8.19% approved by the ANS concerns only individual health plans. Last year, collective contracts had an increase of 20%, but the unprecedented decision of the national agency is already putting pressure on the sector. Specialists predict an increase in judicialization to equalize rates and the ANS itself understands that the definition of the percentage for individual plans can lead to the adoption of similar parameters in collective contracts.

How do I know if my operator will have a readjustment?

The readjustment approved by ANS applies to all individual health plan operators.

How to report a problem or file a complaint?

If the anniversary of your contract has already passed and the new value has not been applied, you can contact the ANS ombudsman via 0800 701 9656, or 0800 021 2105, if you are hearing impaired.