Innovia 300, the Line 15-Silver monorail, has first units delivered in Egypt

Developed by Bombardier, the monorail Innovia 300 was inherited by Alstom after the acquisition of Canadian manufacturer. The model debuted worldwide in Line 15-Silver from the Metro in 2014 and now, seven years later, it has reached another major city in the world, Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Alstom announced this Wednesday (8) the delivery of the first two compositions of the monorail train in the African country. Configured in four-car (wagon) trainsets, the model will have 70 trains in all and will be used on two lines under construction in the Cairo metropolitan region.

The forecast is that the lines, 54 km and 42 km, will start operating in 2023, transporting up to 45,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

The Egyptian Innovia 300 was manufactured in the UK with the propulsion system supplied by an Alstom unit in Spain. In Brazil, the models used in Line 15 were assembled in Hortolândia, with the exception of the “head of series” model, completed in Canada.

The monorail is equipped with the CBTC Cityflo 650 signaling system and Mitrac propulsion. The compositions that will be used in Egypt have four wagons, unlike São Paulo, where they are configured with seven cars.

The contract signed by Alstom with the Egyptian National Tunnels Authority foresees that it involves a consortium led by it, which will carry out the operation and maintenance of the new system for a period of 30 years.

The Innovia 300 will also be used on two monorail branches in Bangkok, in Thailand, whose first train was delivered last year, showing that the modal is far from being an “amusement park toy”.

Innovia 300 monorails to be operated in Bangkok, Thailand (Alstom)