Inter rejects offer for Patrick before the window closes and believes good football will resume: “Let’s give support”

Although he does not experience an exuberant moment in the technical part, midfielder Patrick continues to be valued and supported internally by Inter, which, before the closing of the local window in early September, rejected an onslaught by Galatasaray from Turkey, by the player.

As informed by the, the Turks wanted to take him on loan with a purchase option, but Inter resisted and held the athlete. Months earlier, the club had extended its contract to 2023.

“Patrick was also a player very much contested by the fans. A few months ago, Patrick was a very important player, who was unbalanced. It went through a not-so-good phase. He’s been working hard, giving himself away. We are seeing an improvement. It’s playing a lot. He left behind some moments where his performance was not what we expected, he had an injury and was unable to train as he could. This is behind us. It’s time to show your level, which can play a lot and always help”, said Aguirre in a recent interview with the same website.

In the 2021 season, “Pantera” has played 30 games so far and scored two goals. Since 2018 at Inter, he has played 181 matches and has 23 balls in the net. His main phase was at Brasileirão last year, when he became the highlight of the national vice-championship team.

With Patrick available, Inter, which is 11th with 23 points in the Brasileirão, will visit Sport Recife next Monday, at 8pm.

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