Interview: Cast of “La Casa de Papel” talks about farewell to the series, evaluates the possibility of spin-off and analyzes fan theories: “Some get it right”; watch!

Is the marathon up to date around there?! Last Friday (3), the first part of the fifth season of “La Casa de Papel” was aired on Netflix. The episodes have a lot of action and even goodbyes. Oh my dad, the cry was real! Fan of the series, Hugo Gloss had a very special chat with stars Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo), José Manuel Poga (Gandía), Hovic Keuchkerian (Bogotá) and Enrique Arce (Arturo), who told a little more about this process of saying goodbye to the production that conquered the world.

Despite being ready to start a new chapter in her career, Úrsula was overwhelmed by emotions when she realized that her days as Tokyo were coming to an end. “I was very sad, I don’t really know what happened to me. In season four, we knew there would be one more and I thought it was perfect. I thought: ‘one more season and we’re done’. The truth is that ‘La Casa de Papel’ is a very intense work, it took many years… I suppose that all of us who have been there since the beginning have the desire to do new things and finish this stage with quality”, she argued, who said she got into a “bad” as the shooting days went by.

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“Nevertheless, in the last two weeks, it started to sink in that we were getting closer and closer to the last day, there was very little left to finish, and I went into a ‘bad’ of melancholy, sadness… I felt like what people say that happens when you die, that all the best moments go through your head like images. That’s what happened to me. I know I’m being very dramatic (laughs), but I swear that’s how I felt and that’s what I experienced, complete drama! And at the same time, I was very tired and needed to get to the end. So I think I mixed all these things up”, evaluated.

Like his co-worker, José also lived a moment of nostalgia. “For me it was also difficult and nostalgic. Once a job like this is done, we think: ‘When will we ever be in a production like this again? With this kind of team, this level of artists, with this family with which we create such a beautiful bond?’ I thought we were going to finish season four, but when I read the scripts and saw that we weren’t leaving the bank, I realized that it would take a fifth. So, I had this time to understand that this would, in fact, be the last and that I should enjoy this experience as much as possible.”, commented.

Lacasadepaper Gandia Tokyo
In the series, Gandía and Tokyo, José and Ursula’s characters, are arch-enemies! (Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

Tokyo’s past

In this new wave of episodes, we are introduced to characters never seen before, such as Rafael, who is the son of Berlin, and René, a former lover from Tokyo — both appear in a series of flashbacks. According to Corberó, these glimpses into the past are very important and bring “freshness” to the production. “Whenever thefts are happening, there is a very frantic energy, a lot of adrenaline, very heavy moments, a lot of violence. So, when I heard that they were going to share Tokyo’s past with this first boyfriend she had, René, who is played by Miguel Ángel, a person full of energy and vitality, it was really cool”, declared.

For the actress, this was a way of showing the spectator where the thief’s beloved temperament comes from. “I saw that this could be very interesting, I also had the desire to know what really made Tokyo what it was at that moment: such a tormented woman, so visceral, so violent. Also, it was amazing to record these scenes. Because I could embody a younger, happier, more solar Tokyo, so to speak. It was something very beautiful, I enjoyed it a lot”, said Ursula.

Is there redemption for Arturo?

Arturito is a very controversial character, having harassed another hostage last season and causing several problems for the protagonists. If you, the reader, have watched the new episodes, you know he’s more obnoxious than ever! So is there a chance of redemption in the future for Monica’s ex? “It’s a good question… I believe the character reached a point where he was practically irredeemable.” stressed Enrique, who said he had had problems recording the scene of the harassment.

“I argued with the director and the producer about being wrong about this scene. I talked to them a lot and they asked me to trust them, and in the end, I was right. It didn’t add anything to the character or the plot and I was right. I thought the character had died there, that there was no way to save him. But when I started reading the new script, Arturo’s redemption was either madness or trying to get out of it, and that shows up in the first part of this last season, so I think he redeemed himself a little bit. Of course I have no way of knowing the opinion of the public, but for me there was a bit of redemption”, scored.

Money Heist Arturo Ba68a88
Who ever screamed angrily on account of Arturo, let him throw the first stone! (Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

fan theories

As always, fans come up with various conspiracy theories about the characters’ fates — sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t. One of the hypotheses created before the release of this fifth season was that Stockholm and Rio would die, as both were the only ones marked with blood on the individual posters of the series. Arce even praised the crew’s creativity: “The fans are crazy, they have a capacity, a creativity, that at certain times could compete with these geniuses who created the series. There are solutions that fans suggest my God! They are wonderful, even if they are not what will happen”.

“And others, let’s not say which ones, that suddenly get it right! I wonder how they could have guessed from the small details. We won’t say which ones are, but some get it right. It’s amazing how they pay attention to details, how they see everything, notice the background photos of things, it’s amazing, I admire them a lot. I wouldn’t have the patience for that. But the most passionate fans have a huge capacity and a brutal love for the series, that’s unquestionable. They have all my consideration and respect.” completed the actor.

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Character closure and spin-off

Finally, the stars told us if they were happy with the outcome of their characters and revealed if they would be willing to participate in a spin-off of the series, should it happen. “I’m happy with the script and what we’ve done. I’m happy with the ending, it feels like a great ending. But I can’t say much. And about the spin-off, you never know, only time will tell. We don’t even know what the next week will be”, argued Hovic. “I was very happy with the way the series ended and would love for there to be an Arturo spin-off. I would love to, I would even do it without a fee”, amended Enrique.

José was also very happy with Gandia’s trajectory until now. “I am very grateful for what the writers and creators of the series have done for Gandía. I’m happy, I like the trajectory he has, the plot, the moments with Tokyo, the relationships that were created. And I was lucky to be able to record a lot, Gandía has small moments with most of the characters. And that was a lot for me, having personal moments with each one of them. and yes i would say yes [para um spin-off]”, declared.

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Ursula’s answer would be no different… “Yes, I would love to do a spin-off over Tokyo. But I keep thinking that I practically had the spin-off, right? With flashbacks that tell a little of her past. But we can always talk about the future. Yes, I’m happy, I’m happy with the season finale in general. They told us that they had talked to Álex Pina, the creator and screenwriter of ‘La Casa de Papel’, and that he had said that for the fifth season he had written 33 different endings!”, she remembered.

“We imagined Álex writing and doing this with the sheets of paper [fez um gesto de amassar e jogar no chão]: ‘No, not this one, I’ll write one more’”, mimicked the actress, good-natured. “And then at the end he took one of the papers from the crumpled pile and said, ‘Okay, this is going to be the end.’”, joked Poga. “This one, it’s done, I’m tired. I’m tired of writing so many endings, I can’t take it anymore”,added Corberó, laughing. Very nice, right?!

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