João Guilherme reacts when he finds out that Jade Picon stayed with Neymar after the breakup

João Guilherme
João Guilherme blurted out after news hit social media (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Looks like jade picon tried to follow the prom after the end of the three-year relationship with João Guilherme. According to the Gossip do Dia gossip profile on Instagram, the digital influencer would have been left with none other than Neymar.

According to the page, the two exchanged kisses during the party of Rafaella Santos, the player’s sister, this weekend. Who was surprised by the news was the blonde’s ex-boyfriend, João.

Upon seeing the subject circulate on the internet, the influencer tried to stop following Neymar on Instagram. In addition, João started to like comments on Twitter that talked about the situation.

In one of them, an internet user posted: “João Guilherme is simply a machine for living. Man has already ‘stayed’ with Larissa Manoela, he is an ex of Jade Picon and she was with Neymar. the guy is addicted to living“. “João Guilherme, tell your story to Marília Mendonça, already speeding up a hit“, said another comment, liked by the famous.

Amid the repercussion, João spoke on his Twitter page. “I’m not sleeping in a fetal position today. I swear it’s okay, family. I’m going to take advantage and become a country singer“, shot.

It is worth remembering that the influencer revealed to Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo, that he intended, until then, to get back together with Jade. The actor unburdened himself and spoke about the relationship:

“Me and Jade are at different times. We love each other a lot and we were never a couple to fight, to disrespect each other, to leave a fight somewhere and not talk. So, we didn’t have any bullshit, no fights. That’s not why we decided to finish”.

In love with the story he lived with Jade, Leonardo’s son said: “We see things. Just like when we were young, we were able to see that the best thing was to be together. And as we live close to each other, we can see what is best for each other. I am 19 years old. Jade is 20. Jade is at a time in her life, professional, very different from mine. So, we thought it was better for both of us, today, for her to grow up alone for a while”.

The famous man, who started dating when he was still a teenager, explained: “We grew a lot together and evolved a lot. We learned a lot. And then we went back for a walk alone. That’s how we met, the two of them alone. And we were perfect for each other”.

We said that, one day, we would meet again. I like her a lot, she likes me a lot. We have a great affection for each other. So, it’s very easy for us to like each other again, for us to meet again. And actually, that’s my intention, to be quite honest“, guaranteed.

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