João Pessoa resumes application of the 1st dose of Covid-19 vaccine in people over 18 years old, this Thursday (9) | Paraíba

The immunization campaign against Covid-19 continues in João Pessoa with the resumption of the application of the first for the general population aged 18 or over, and the second dose for those who are already on schedule, this Thursday (9). Doses of the immunizers CoronaVac, AtraZeneca and Pfizer are available. Vaccination takes place from 8 am to 12 pm in gyms, and from 8 am to 3 pm in drive-thru stations. The appointment is available from 19:00 on this Wednesday (8). (See immunization sites at end of text)

To receive the Covid-19 vaccine, an appointment must be made on the website or Vacina João Pessoa application. When scheduling the vaccine, the citizen ensures to be vaccinated at the indicated location.

To take the second dose, you only need to take your vaccination card and an official document with a photo.

Anyone who has any problems with registering or scheduling can ask questions by e-mail to [email protected] or by telephone at 9.8600-4815, from 8 am to 5 pm.

Vaccination posts are also open to receive non-perishable food donations. After collection, they will be distributed to charities and needy families affected by the effects of the pandemic.

Vaccination points this Thursday (9) – first dose:

  • Oscar de Castro Municipal School (Cross of Arms)
  • Raimundo Nonato Batista Municipal School (Gramame)
  • Lieutenant Lucena Cultural Center (Mangabeira)
  • IFPB (Jaguaribe)
  • Serafico Municipal School of Nóbrega (Tambaú)
  • Violeta Formiga Municipal School (Mandacaru)
  • UFPB (Hu Access)
  • Queen Mother Sanctuary (Airclub)
  • Shopping Mangabeira (also pedestrian)
  • Ecit Lyceu Paraibano (Center)
  • Augusto Crispim Municipal School (Ipês)
  • Anayde Beiriz Municipal School (Industry District)
  • Fiep (Trenches)
  • Unipe (Cold Water)
  • Ivan Cantisi Gym (Tambiá)
  • Cabo Branco Club (Miramar)
  • Dom Helder Municipal School (Valentina)

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