Juliana Caetano wears thin panties in the bathroom and fans zoom in

Juliana Caetano in white garment
Juliana Caetano in white piece(Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Juliana Caetano, the famous singer of Bonde do Forró, returned to social media after suffering a kidnapping last month. To the delight of the followers, the muse is slowly returning with its sensual contents.

In a recent video, the beauty appeared all sexy wearing a very thin white panties in the bathroom. The publication aroused the attention of netizens and caused an uproar among fans who quickly appealed to the zoom feature.

On the occasion, Juliana Bonde sensualized in front of the mirror, highlighting her curly tummy and legs. In addition, she was wearing a print cropped and teased admirers by putting her little finger in her mouth.

Fans praised and zoomed in

The sensual video was shared on the profile of the girls at ‘Mansão Bonde’ and already has more than 30 thousand views. Furthermore, There was no lack of praise and affectionate messages for Juliana Caetano and her bosom.

“It’s great to see you’re recovered”, said a boy. “Perfect! Pure seduction”, commented another. “What a delight, I printed and zoomed”, fired another admirer. “Too beautiful, you are very perfect and hot”, praised another internet user. “Without a doubt, a woman’s show”, wrote another.

Juliana Caetano suffered threats

After the kidnapping he suffered at the end of August, Juliana Caetano returned to social media to talk to fans and talk about the moments of terror she experienced. Asked about the worst moment, she said it was when the criminals took her cell phone and saw your sexy videos, hinting at something terrible.

“The worst moment for me was when they took my cell phone and started watching the videos. Not the ones I post here, but the ‘Mansão Tram’ videos. They started to insinuate some things and there my father was also scaring him, thinking that something terrible was going to happen.”, she vented.

The beauty also told about your suspicions of whoever was setting up the crime and taken away their material possessions and also objects of sentimental value.

“We’re sure it was someone very close, someone who used to go to my house and I really hope we find that person. Because it’s not fair what they did to my family, what they did to me. You know, all the time I think: ‘with what right does a person enter another’s house, to take everything, threatens, with a weapon, with what right?’ There are things they won’t use for anything, things I kept from my grandmother, and they took… they took everything!”, said Juliana.

Henrique Souza

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