Laura Keller talks about kissing in Antonella

In the final stretch of the reality show “Ilha Record”, a kiss between two women was ignored by Record in the program shown yesterday. Participants Laura Keller and Antonella went under the duvet, and according to the ex-Mulher Múmia, in a conversation with O UOL, they kissed. However, exile cameras [lugar onde ficam os participantes eliminados da competição] they didn’t show the kiss, just the confined smiling before lying down together.

Laura Keller recalls the episode and defends the fact that Record does not show the kiss among the confined:

There was no way for Record to show it, we were covered. I could not see it. We were under the duvet, so nothing appeared. But, as the information about the kiss between two women had already leaked out, and had generated an argument, they showed what happened.”

The participant of “Ilha Record” believes that a kiss between two women can no longer be considered taboo on television:

We were two women, well-resolved adults, who weren’t doing much of anything. He wasn’t talking about anyone’s life, attacking anyone, judging anyone. Just sharing a vibe.”

Laura Keller - Rodrigo Rodrigues/Publishing - Rodrigo Rodrigues/Publishing

Laura Keller says she didn’t understand discussion on reality TV

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Discussion after kiss:

Shortly after the kiss between Antonella and Laura Keller, an argument engulfed the participants. Nadja Pessoa, upon seeing the exchange of affection between the confined, made a comment considered by Lucas Selfie as “homophobic”.

“That kind of friendship is not good for me. I’m out. That would go down,” said Nadja. Lucas countered: “downgrading is being boring and unloved.”

To UOL, Laura Keller says that she didn’t realize the reason for the argument and that neither she nor Antonella heard what Nadja said: “I didn’t understand what had happened. Everyone was a little tired. Well, at least I was, and all I didn’t want was to get stressed.”

Laura Keller says Antonella unfollowed social media - Reproduction/Instagram @laurakelleroriginal - Reproduction/Instagram @laurakelleroriginal

Laura Keller says Antonella unfollowed on social media

Image: Reproduction/Instagram @laurakelleroriginal

Unfollow on social media:

Antonella and Laura Keller didn’t speak again after the end of the recording of “Ilha Record”. According to Laura, the ex-BBB stopped following her on social media:

“My followers warned me. She followed me before the reality show, after we left she also continued following me, but all of a sudden she stopped. Then I stopped too, right? We didn’t talk anymore.”

‘My biggest frustration is not being in the final’

Laura Keller was sent into exile in the semifinal of “Ilha Record” after missing a race. The famous is awaiting the decision of the public, who will choose one of the participants to take the R$ 250,000 prize. Pyong and Any, finalists in the program, will have a final exam and can also take R$ 500 thousand.

My biggest frustration is not being in the final. I lost an endurance test, which I consider myself to be very good at. I’m lucky to have a very large crowd, who like me and know about my daily struggle, and I’m really hopeful of winning the crowd award.”