Live Event: PlayStation Showcase 2021 with God of War Ragnarok and more

Watch live trailers and gameplays for upcoming Sony games for late 2021 and early 2022

PlayStation fans and players, the time has come: in this Thursday (9), Starting at 17 hours (Brasilia time) Sony broadcasts live O PlayStation Showcase 2021.

The event is probably the last major event promoted by the Japanese company this year and is expected to feature teasers and trailers for some of the top PlayStation 4 and 5 games scheduled for release in the coming months.

You can follow everything live in the video above.


DATE: 09/09/21 – TIME: 5:00 pm (Brasilia Time)

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PlayStation Showcase 2021: what to expect?

Unlike previous events, where Sony focused the presentation on independent games and updating information about previously announced titles, this time the hype is at its height.

In Sony’s words, we’ll see “the future of the PS5 and what’s new in PlayStation Studios”.

O event is expected to last 40 minutes – longer time than what normally occurs in these presentations, which do not exceed half an hour.

And the news? Well, we already know that we won’t have VR games and officially no titles have been confirmed so far. However, the strongest rumors indicate that we will have a new game from the InFamous franchise and, mainly, we will see new images from God of War Ragnarok. If confirmed, both titles should only be for 2022.

And for 2021, will we have any big releases before the end of the year? Fans expect it to be. Historically, the end of the year tends to be more attractive for gamers of Sony consoles and in November the PS5 completes a year – ideal time to present gamers with some good surprise, isn’t it?

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So, make a note of it in your calendar, save the link in your favorites or leave this tab open: at 5pm this Thursday, we’ll meet you here to see all this news.

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PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to reach 2024 at US$700 using AMD APU with new architectures [RUMOR]
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