Liziane Gutierrez is announced as a participant

Liziane Gutierrez was announced as one of the participants in “The Farm 2021”. Record TV started releasing today the list of pedestrians for the 13th edition of the reality show.

The 35-year-old model — who attacked Sanitary Surveillance agents for disrupting a clandestine party in São Paulo during the new coronavirus pandemic — said she doesn’t look for “shacks”, but she also doesn’t run away from them.

Bullshit at the clandestine party

In July, Liziane was filmed without a mask and cursing police officers after the inspection closed an event for 500 people in Jardins, an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo. In the controversial video published by Alexandre Frota, the model orders the police to inspect the parties in the favela.

“I’m sincere, I have always been and always will be, I’m sorry for this situation, for having gone wrong and for having videos out of context,” said Liziane when retracting her case.


Liziane has been involved with many famous names, including international singers like Rod Stewart and rapper Tyga. The romances may not have lasted, but she has memories of her ex-affairs: her underwear.

The model still keeps sneakers, socks and even razors from the guys she’s been involved with. “I like to collect these items, but if it was an auction, I would be rich because of the owner”, he joked when showing the treats on Instagram.

Miss Butt Disqualified

In 2017, Liziane tried to participate in the “Miss Butt” contest, but ended up being disqualified. The reason? The butt was unnatural! She had silicone implanted in her glutes.

According to TMZ, she invested around R$130,000 to have her butt inspired by Kim Kardashian.

Speaking of surgeries…

Liziane has already spent more than R$300,000 on aesthetic interventions. In addition to the silicone in the buttocks, she has already undergone surgery on her face and liposuction.

In 2018, after liposuction, the model had to go into an induced coma after the formation of a clot in the lung. Liziane spent five days unconscious.

tyjtyyty - Replay/Instagram - Replay/Instagram

Liziane Gutierrez already had problems at a Dua Lipa show for defending Jair Bolsonaro

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Support for Bolsonaro

On social media, Liziane does not hide her support for President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). Worship, however, cost him his permanence at a concert by singer Dua Lipa.

Wearing a blouse with the writing #elesim, Liziane was removed from the presentation of the British, known for supporting the LGBTQIA+ audience and the rights of women.

Presented by Adriane Galisteu, “A Fazenda 2021”, 13th edition of the reality show, starts on September 14th.