Lucas and Nanah denounce homophobia in Nadja’s provocations

Island Record
Lucas and Nanah accuse Nadja of homophobia in widespread bullshit at Ilha Record (Images: Playback – PlayPlus / Editing – RD1)

the last days of Island Record are increasingly tense as most of the participants have been confined in Exile. In general bullshit, Lucas Selfie and Nanah Damascene accused Nadja person of homophobia for a very controversial comment.

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It all started with Thomaz Costa wanting to know if Laura Keller was mad at Antonela Avellaneda. The champion of the first Power Couple Brasil denied it, went to bed with the ex-BBB and, according to what she said on her Twitter abroad, the two ended up kissing.

It was then that Nadja decided to snipe the two aloud, reproving the scene: “These friendships are not for me, no. I’m out of these friendships. My God, who would download”. Claudinho, in a private statement, gave his opinion on what he heard: “She is always talking to herself, talking loudly to provoke someone”.

Nanah interpreted the needling as discriminatory, two women have already gotten involved: “The comment was homophobic, everyone was joking and she made this unnecessary comment”.

The former member of Panico, who is openly bisexual, was also disgusted with the speech: “This will not go away unscathed because there are people out there who suffer from it, and someone is on television saying this”. And then he replied: “Loweria is being boring and unloved”.

The former farm again accused Lucas of terrorizing her in Exile: “Again, one more night, he started wanting to mess with me. He does psychological terror, yes. He pits them against each other, and that’s not cool”.

Nadja Pessoa, in front of the enemy, downplayed his own attitude: “I’m messing with her, you ridiculous, idiot, asshole, you’re going to fall for it. It’s repression because I didn’t want you, right?”. The confined found the insinuation absurd and laughed: “You’re kidding. That’s why they warned me you’re crazy. Internal this f#er, you’re crazy”.

D’Black’s ex-wife stated that she defended the disaffection at the beginning of the game and spoke again about the controversial episode in the bathroom: “Assume your attitudes, your actions, be a man! You did it! The door was almost in my face”.

Antonella took the opportunity to deny that Lucas Selfie had put psychological pressure on her: “He didn’t do it with me, it was an argument”. Claudinho Mattos defended his friend: “I couldn’t be silent watching her accuse a friend of mine of a crime he didn’t commit”.

The presenter detonated Nadja’s posture in the environments: “She weighs the mood. Exile was another one without her here”. The participant, on top of everything else, ended up calling Nanah Damasceno unstructured and psychopath.

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