Luciano Huck is accused of humiliating poor people at Globo and ends up being exposed; understand!

Luciano Huck took assistance to Domingão (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

Luciano Huck was chosen by Globe to take over the Sunday in the renewal of the format, however, a quick search for his name on social networks shows that his image is not that favorable.

He is the type of the older audience, which still values ​​issues such as being an “exemplary father of a family”, but forgets that this is with the numbered years, together with the welfare that it carries.

On the internet, he is seen with disdain on the part of internet users, who insist on problematizing his way of gaining an audience, making someone “pay ass” to win a car in a painting like Lata Velha, for example.

When he debuted on Globo, in 2000, he continued what Gugu Liberato already did it in the 80s and 90s, broadcasting the image of “good guy” for viewers of past generations, who make up the “sofa audience”.

Faustão’s departure was intended to “renew” Sundays, but not much. Globo has always feared the risk of losing the majority of its audience. Your strategy is to conquer the new generations without losing the old ones.

However, in this case, the age of the presenters is little equivalent to that of the new viewers. The new internet audience trusts those who convey truth in everything they do, not just focusing on creating content on social media.

In this way, these people value the sincerity of veterans as Faust Silva, 71 years old, and Ana Maria Braga, of 72, for example, but they don’t connect with people like Rodrigo Faro, 27, nor Huck himself, 50.

The public’s response lies in the repercussion of its debut, which started with everything “in line”, everything right, programmed and calculated, but ended up becoming a joke due to the unforeseen events and lack of flexibility that James Leifert he had.

21 years later, Marcos Mion he replaced him at Caldeirão with an explosion of feelings, transmitting improvisation, showing no concern to hide his flaws and always playing with his own imperfection.

Unfiltered, the new generation connects with him through the mockery of everything that proposes to convey the opposite of it.

Huck couldn’t abandon two-decades of welfare in a week, but he’d be able to reframe it if he wanted to. But on his debut, he ended up delivering just everything everyone expected.

An internet user raised the following question: “Luciano Huck is already starting the new program using the poor as entertainment. What is this fetish?”. And one of the answers was:

“It is a very simple psychological effect to be explained: it is the so-called identification between equals. That’s why Jair Bolsonaro has a considerable number of followers: People who identify with mediocrity, rudeness, low intellectual level, lack of culture, and feel represented”.

Taking into account Luciano Huck’s desire to enter politics, it is not very difficult to see that his speech fits like a glove for the current moment in society.

In other words, from Globo, the internet audience cannot expect much beyond small spaces in the new Caldeirão, in sketches by Fantástico or heavier versions of soap operas just for Globoplay.

Below, you can check out some of the entertainment that Luciano Huck generated on social networks throughout his debut:

Lucas Medeiros

Lucas Medeiros he has a degree in Social Communication and writes about the daily life of TV.