Luxa’s Mathematics: with 10 victories in the crosshairs, Cruzeiro will have more games at home and head-to-head in Serie B; see X-ray | cruise

The equation developed by Vanderlei Luxemburgo, until the end of Serie B, involves the obligatory achievement of 10 victories and the fight, in the remaining six games, to score. The goal is access, which today is far from the reality of Cruzeiro. O ge prepared an X-ray of how Fox’s life will be until the end of the competition. There will be 16 games, nine at home and seven away.

Luxembourg said Cruzeiro would have to win games from opponents “who are going nowhere”. Certainly, they go through the teams that are in the middle of the table and also those who fight down there, in the relegation zone.

Given this conclusion, it is possible to form a good part of this group of 10 teams. In this group, five of the eight games will be at home: Ponte Preta (15th place, at home); CSA (11th, at home), Brasil de Pelotas (19th, at home), Remo (12th, at home), Vila Nova (16th, at home), Londrina (18th, away), Brusque (13th, at home) and Vitória (17th, out).

Two opponents would be missing to complete the 10 games listed by Vanderlei Luxemburgo and kept under lock and key by the coach. There would be teams with mathematical situations that make it possible to fight for access, but mostly with a drop in performance.

In this group are Operário (10th, at home), Vasco (9th, away), Sampaio Corrêa (8th, away) and Náutico (7th, at home). They all live in a moment of instability.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo Cruzeiro — Photo: Rodolfo Rodrigues

And, then, it is possible to form the group that will be among the six that Luxemburg mentioned that it will be necessary to fight to score and seek access. In it, are the teams that are from the G-4 or very close. Cases of: Guarani (6th, away game), Coritiba (1st, away), Botafogo (4th, at home) and Avaí (5th, away).

With this final group, Cruzeiro will have to overcome and win a good amount of points, if it reaches the other objective, which is to achieve 10 victories. With the triumphs, the team would add another 30 points and reach 56 points. In the remaining six games, would need at least two more wins and a draw to enter the fray.

To reach the goal, Cruzeiro has more games at home than away. But acting as home team has not been decisive for the achievement of points. In Serie B, the team is only the 16th best home team, with 12 points in 10 games. They only won two games at home. The team performs better off.

In addition, Cruzeiro cannot amend a winning streak in the tournament. In the current competition, the most he achieved were two consecutive victories (Náutico and Confiança). The team is the “king of draws”, with 11 draws, which makes it more losing than gaining points.

Cruzeiro won only two matches as home team — Photo: Bruno Haddad

The next game is against Ponte Preta, on Saturday, at 11 am (GMT), at Arena do Jacaré. Macaca is one of the teams that can be included in the group of 10 teams, but an opponent that causes concern to Luxembourg.

– It is a moment that we have to evolve, and we have 10 teams that we have to win. I’m not going to talk about the teams, I’ve already talked to the players, and let’s prepare to play well at home against a team that has 25 points, we have 26 points, which is Ponte Preta, which has been evolving, growing, and we have to having the patience to play a game without being vulnerable, without wanting to go out and play anyway.

Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity